Three Ways To Go Fresh This Monsoon

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 11, 2016
Change might not be welcome, but it’s always refreshing (yes, even in retrospect.) So why do we always stick to the same old beauty and lifestyle routines when we’ve got a plethora of choices right in front of us? If you’re looking to give yourself a fresh boost this monsoon, here are our three recommendations.

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A fresh boost your skincare routine deserves…
If there’s a fresh boost that long overdue, it’s got to be this! Give your skincare routine a boost of freshness with the new Dove Go Fresh Facewash for non-sticky fresh skin. It gently removes all the excess sebum and stickiness whilst retaining skin moisture, which means that the humidity can no longer get the better of your skin in the monsoon. Enriched with citrus orange oil, which is a cleansing aid ingredient, it comes in a refreshing fragrance of mandarin orange. There is no better way to refresh our monsoon beauty regime, we think.

three ways to look fresh outdoor activities 430x550

Fruit freshness to give your monsoon diet a healthy boost…
When it comes to our diet, when we say go fresh, we really do mean it! No one will debate the fact that the monsoons are a fitting time for some vada pav and cutting chai but this time around, take the higher (and healthy) road and try ditching the fried food for a generous helping of seasonal fruits – cherries, apples, peaches and the like. They’re super delicious, refreshing (even better than that 4 pm tea,) healthy and really good for your skin. There’s no reason you should turn that down, should you?

three ways to look fresh outdoor activities 430x550

Give your weekends an outdoorsy boost…
Yes, the popular way to spend a rainy weekend is to curl up in bed with a book and coffee and a whole lot of other clichés. Why not do something new this time around, like sign up for a trek with a group of outdoor enthusiasts or go tree planting on a Sunday with the Rotary Club? If you’re looking for some adventure, the weather’s perfect for a long bike ride or even some white water rafting or windsurfing. The joy of doing something new isn’t underrated at all, so why do we stick to routine ever so often?

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