The summer season poses many challenges for your skin, top of the list being unmanageable acne. This is especially true to oily skin types who get betrayed by their own sebaceous glands on hot days, turning their face into a shiny and greasy mess. Excessive oiliness paired with clogged pores and fastening bacteria in the warmth leads to acne that is just so stubborn to deal with. Unless of course, you are taking intentional steps to manage your skin better. Here are some tips to control acne effectively this summer...


01. Include acne fighting actives in your routine

Include acne fighting actives in your routine

Do not wait for acne breakouts to become a full blown issue before getting to it, include acne fighting breakouts in your routine from the get go. This is especially the answer to how to control acne on face. Ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids, and sulfur can help fight the acne causing bacteria and inhibit the growth of pimples.

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02. Focus on oil control

Focus on oil control

One of the leading acne causes in summer is excessive oiliness of the skin. Focus on controlling the shininess on your skin throughout the day. Some of the best tips to control acne is to stay hydrated, carry blotting papers around and always keep a mattifying spray handy. A toner mist will also make your skin feel fresh, which is a plus on hot summer days.

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03. Watch out for that hairline

03. Watch out for that hairline

Your summer skin can get affected by the state of your mane. Dirt, oil and sweat often accumulates near the hairline, clogging pores and leading to breakouts. Make sure to take your cleanser and toner into your hairline to tend to this region. Also, include a clarifying shampoo into your weekly hair care routine to rid your scalp of nasty buildup and keep breakouts to a minimum.

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04. Exfoliate twice a week

04. Exfoliate twice a week

Accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin with nowhere to go can scream horror for summer skin. They can clog open pores and lead to breakouts that are deep and difficult to manage. Keep up with your exfoliation routine in the summer as well and make sure to use a physical or chemical scrub at least twice a week; avoid overdoing it as that can do more harm than good.

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05. Be mindful of acne marks as well

05. Be mindful of acne marks as well

Not just how to control acne, but you have to also be mindful about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as well (PIH) in the summer. The brown spots left behind after acne healing can turn darker with excessive sun exposure and then take longer to fade. Make sure to always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen in order to protect your skin from getting scarred too much.

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