It is often recommended to treat your face, neck and chest as a unit when applying skincare. Yes, all of your lotions and potions should be brought down to your neck and chest, only then will your routine be effective. Long hours of laptop work and browsing on your phone can lead to fine lines on your neck. Plus, lack of sun protection can also lead to developing early signs of neck wrinkles (horizontal lines that are very visible and extremely difficult to conceal). Which is why it is so important to tend to your neck too.

Here are some effective tips for delaying neck wrinkles for as long as possible.


01. Apply SPF on your neck

Apply SPF on your neck

The main line of defence your skin has against ageing is a regular use of broad-spectrum SPF. Bring your sunscreen down to your neck, front and back, and chest (since they are usually exposed as well) and massage in an upward motion. Use a matte formula to keep the product from budging even on the sweatiest days!

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02. Observe your posture

Observe your posture

Take a day to check yourself — what your posture is like for hours at a time. Our body’s natural collagen production breaks down with age, so spending the entire day staring down at your laptop or phone can make the fine lines more prominent and permanent. While it is impossible to not look down at all, regular neck stretching exercises, like yoga, can help keep the skin in this area flexible and wrinkle-free.


03. Use age-defying serums at night

Use age-defying serums at night

Put your face tools to good use in the night time and massage potent, age-defying serums onto your neck. Retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide, or bakuchiol — your trusty anti-ageing serum can help repair and rejuvenate the skin on your neck overnight. Massaging with a tool at night makes sure that no product is left unabsorbed. Including a neck massage in your nighttime routine can prove to be a very beneficial habit in the long run.

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04. Add collagen supplements to your diet

Add collagen supplements to your diet

As mentioned earlier, your body tends to lose collagen with age, leading to age signs. Add collagen supplements to your diet to help maintain your skin’s elasticity from the inside and keep wrinkles at bay. Collagen supplements also help keep your gut happy, which in turn keeps the quality of your skin at its best.


05. Pop-in for micro-needling procedures

Pop-in for micro-needling procedures

Ask your dermatologist about micro-needling procedures. They are an extremely trending in-office treatment that helps boost collagen production in the skin. Since your neck sees more movement than your facial skin, you might need an expert’s touch to keep things in prime shape!