If there’s one beauty elixir that’s soon filling our shelves, it’s the skin serum. However, little is known about what a serum actually is. Is it a gel, a cream or a liquid? Are we to only apply it at night? We’re here to put to rest all those questions and tell you what serums actually do for you. Read on to know more.
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What is it? A serum is a skin care product that comprises high amounts of active ingredients like hyaluronic acid (to reduce fine lines and wrinkles), vitamin C (to brighten skin and reduce pigmentation and age spots) and glycolic acid (an exfoliating agent). How is it different from a moisturiser? A moisturiser is essentially used to hydrate the skin by acting like a protective barrier between the skin and the outside. However, serums go a step further in that they penetrate into the skin deeply to nourish it with active ingredients. How does serum work? It’s easy. Serums absorb into the skin better while it’s still damp. So, after you cleanse your face, dot a few drop of the serum onto your face and massage it softly using your fingertips till it is completely absorbed by the skin. Follow up with a moisturiser. Remember to only use a bit of serum – roughly the size of a pea. Anything more is just a waste of product. Does it really work? As with most beauty products, you’ll be able to see results in about four weeks. But you really have to keep at it. Which one should I get? We swear by the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Reflecting Serum! It’s as smooth as silk and gives that million-dollar gloss to your skin all day. It is lightweight and glides on easily to bring out your skin’s natural sheen. Not to mention it’s also packed with mineral laden glacial water that keeps the skin nourished and hydrated all day.