Thinking About An Ayurvedic Cleanse? Here’s What You Need To Know…

Written by Girija NaiksatamAug 30, 2016
While our generation might be crazy about juice cleanses, Ayurveda does it the good, old herbal way. While some of the processes of this old-school cleansing treatment might make us a tad bit uncomfortable, here’s what you need to know about how and why it’s just what your system needs …

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Internal cleansing with ghee
A very common cleansing technique that most Ayurvedic practitioners recommend before one undergoes the detoxing Panchakarma treatment is an internal oleation with ghee, a process where ghee is consumed to cleanse the digestive tract. Ayurveda states that it is only by ingesting oil can the bod rid itself off the fat-soluble toxins that rest in our muscles and tissues.

Note: These treatments are all best done under the guided supervision of a trained Ayurveda doctor since they alone can administer how much and what kind of cleansing your body is in need of.

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External cleansing with a massage
Ayurveda also believes that an external body massage with the use of a specified oil (sesame is the common choice) can help calm the body and aide in detoxifying it better. The aim is to relax the muscles and increase blood circulation to that will ease you and stimulate the release of deep-set stress and toxins.

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Digestive cleansing using laxatives
Another common cleansing technique adopted by most households that practice Ayurveda is to use a herbal laxative to rid the body of any unwanted toxins that might be present in the digestive tract. The popular choice is a herbal formula called Triphala, which is both, mild as well as effective.

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Digestive cleansing using herbs
A not-so-comfortable part of most Ayurvedic cleanses is a medicated enema done using an Ayurvedic concoction called dashamula, a powder made from potent herbs that revitalise the colon and flush out all toxins. This is one of the most advanced and most important stages of the cleanse and provides a healthier and herbal alternative to the popular colon cleanse.

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Rejuvenation post cleanse
Since cleanses can actually be quite demanding on your internal organs, the last past of every cleanse is a process of rejuvenation that will get your system in top working condition again. The usual recommendation for rejuvenation is a herbal formula that can re-energise your system and make it stronger. It is suggested that one follows this up with a sattvik diet that’s rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

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