7 Ways You’re Making Your Skin Age Faster

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 19, 2018
7 ways you’re making your skin age faster
Ageing is a skin concern that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives, but by the looks of the lifestyles we live; we’re opening doors to premature ageing. There are numerous habits that influence the way our skin ages. They speed up the process and should be controlled in time for ageing to happen organically.


Not investing in an anti-ageing product

Smoking is a hazardous habit which not only makes you prone to lung diseases, but also takes a massive toll on your skin. Tobacco activates enzymes that breakdown the elasticity of your skin. This causes fine lines, wrinkles and pale skin prematurely. Smoking also causes pigmentation on your lips. So, if you have a smoke (or a pack) hidden in your bag, this is the time to toss it into the bin.


Consuming excessive processed sugar

Not investing in an anti-ageing product

As much as eating your favourite dessert makes you feel like all your life problems have come to an end, white processed sugar (the key ingredient of most desserts, chocolate) is extremely harmful to not just your skin, but all of your internal organs. When it comes to skin, consuming excess sugar results into its molecules attaching themselves to the collagen present in your skin. This process is termed as glycation and weighs the collagen down, eventually causing it to completely breakdown. The result? Dull, wrinkly, pale skin.

Not getting enough sleep

When you miss out on sleep, it messes with the moisture levels of your skin. Consider it as a fuel for your body, mind and skin, just as food is. Not sleeping enough deprives it of its natural nourishment. It also lowers your skin’s pH levels which causes it to look pale and less glowing. No wonder experts stress so much on getting ‘beauty sleep’ regularly.

Not working out

Any amount of exercise can help slow down the process of ageing as it slows the ageing of your cells. It also reduces the inflammation in your skin which goes hand in hand with ageing. Post workout glow is legit for a reason. So get movin’!


Not staying hydrated enough

Not investing in an anti-ageing product

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to drink lots of water. Hydration boosts the moisture in your body and helps the organs (including the largest organ, your skin) function normally, without any complications. Our bodies are 70% water, which is why they run so smoothly. A slight issue in this and you can immediately sense the distress.


Not including collagen boosting foods in your diet

Not investing in an anti-ageing product

There are some foods that are fodder for speeding up the collagen formation in your skin. They reduce collagen breakdowns, help renew skin cells and also increase its production. These super foods are responsible for all the elasticity your skin possesses. Make sure you include these collagen boosting foods in your diet to combat premature ageing.


Not investing in an anti-ageing product

Not investing in an anti-ageing product

This is a step we all skip, ‘coz we think it’s only for women over a certain age, say 35? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re wrong! With the kind of lifestyles we lead, signs of ageing kick in at an early age of 25-26 and should be taken care of since. Invest in a good anti-ageing product such as the Pond’s Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream. It works overnight to help renew skin cells, reduces fine lines, dullness and age spots!

Bid premature ageing a goodbye by taking care of it a little bit more than usual!

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