You may have embraced the big hair, don’t care outlook in life but curly hair has its fair share of struggles. From frizz to hair fall, curly hair means a series of problems. But this hardly means you can’t take charge and curb these issues. The hair care tips below should help you deal with unmanageable curls.
Try co washing for curly hair

Try co-washing

Remember that time we told you how co-washing was actually a boon for curly hair? Co-washing means you wash your tresses with conditioner only to retain or bring back the lost moisture in your hair. This hair care tip is especially important for curly hair that’s usually frizzy and unmanageable.

Use a wide tooth comb for curly hair

Use a wide-tooth comb

Any regular comb isn’t going to cut it for your hair type. You know that your hair can resemble a bird’s nest at any given time and hence, you need to use a detangler or a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair so your hair isn’t tangled all the time.

Tie your hair up for curly hair

Tie your hair up

You know you have big hair when your hair gets tangled easily in bed. Straight hair girls, you don’t know what these concerns are. Think of curly hair like earphones that get entangled so easily in your bag. The same goes for curly hair when you’re asleep. Try the pineapple hairstyle before hitting bed. Flip your hair upside down and gather it into a ponytail right at the top of your head.

Use a T shirt for dryng

Use a T-shirt for drying

We’ve already told you how you need to replace your towel with a T-shirt when it comes to drying your hair. A tee will ensure that your hair doesn’t lose moisture. Moreover, a tee is far softer than a towel that might end up causing breakage.

Avoid heat for curly hair

Avoid heat

This stands true for all hair types—heat styling causes a series of hair problems. Moreover, when you already have easily breakable curls that feel frizzy all the time, heat styling can make matters worse for your hair type. This is why you need to restrict the use of hair irons as much as possible.

Choose a range that softens for curly hair

Choose a range that softens

Curly hair is often rough and unmanageable. This is why you need to prepare a hair care routine, which involves a softening and smoothening range. We suggest going with the Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner! This range is created using Ceramide Egg Complex and is therefore, specially crafted to make your hair smooth. The Shampoo cleanses dry and rough hair while the conditioner will work as a softening agent and lend your hair moisture.

written by on Jan 24, 2018


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