Monsoon Hair Woes And How To Deal With Them

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Monsoon hair woes and how to deal with them

As we say hello to the monsoon season and welcome it with open arms, our hair may not be so happy about the onset of the rains. Hair fall, dandruff, dull hair and oily scalp are some issues that flare up during the rainy season. Read on to know how these issues can be controlled easily even when it pours.


Keep your hair clean

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When you step out in the rains and come back drenched, the first thing you are most likely to do is dry your hair, right? Wrong! Drying your hair immediately after getting soaked in the rains is the wrong move because of two reasons. One, it tangles your hair even more, and two, the dirt and oils that have accumulated on your scalp just get stuck even more. Instead, wash your hair with a mild shampoo like Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and follow it up with Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner as soon as you step back inside after a romp in the rains. It is a lightweight formula that will gently cleanse your hair and moisturise it.


Keep your hair covered

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Carry an umbrella or a raincoat at all times, and in case you forget to carry one, cover your hair with a stole or a scarf and avoid exposing your hair to the rain - this only works if it is drizzling and not raining heavily. Covering your hair will also help you maintain your hairdo.


No binging on hair products

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Keep away from all heat styling equipment but if you must use it then make sure you use a heat protection mist. Heat styling equipment can make your hair feel greasy and heavy. So keep your hair natural, just brush regularly and keep it tied loosely. Avoid using tight rubber bands that cut into your hair, use scrunchies instead. And remember, never comb or tie up damp hair.

If you must use heat styling like a blow dryer or curling tongs, use a protective spray like Toni&Guy SIBLING London Limited Edition Heat Protection Mist which coats your hair with silicone and protects it from direct heat.


Microfibre towels

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When you are drying your hair, use a microfiber towel. It helps dry your hair a lot quicker and is very soft, so it won’t cause friction on your hair strands, and hence will minimise hair fall. Pat your wet hair with the microfiber cloth and avoid rubbing vigorously. It is also a good idea to invest in silk or satin pillow cases as they are gentler on your hair and will avoid hair strands from getting tangled.


Comb hygiene

Comb hygiene

Never comb your hair when it is damp. It causes it to tangle more and causes breakage. As a rule, never share combs, especially in monsoon. Residual dampness in the combs and brushes aids growth of bacteria and may lead to scalp problems.

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