Wavy hair can either be a cinematic vision or your worst nightmare. And while you might have made your peace with the love-hate relationship you share with your wavy tresses, there are some haircuts you can try to make the hair gods happy, and bless you with good hair days more often (if not always). Here we have the five best haircuts for wavy hair that will help you establish an all love and no hate relationship with your mane, stat.


1. Wolf cut

Wolf cut

Image courtesy: @mileycyrus

A trend with over 600 million views all over the world, the wolf cut took the internet by storm in 2021. Inspired by the 70s, this cut is voluminous and messy — in the best way possible. It adds texture to the waves, especially in the back. It is a perfect choice for fine wavy hair to make it appear thicker and voluminous.


2. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

Image courtesy: The Right Hairstyles

If you’re someone who likes clean and easy to manage hair, blunt bob is the way to go. This haircut is particularly perfect if you have finer wavy hair to enhance the volume while keeping the uniformity of your tresses. It is also a great face-framing hairstyle for round faces.


3. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs

Image courtesy: Hair Adviser

If you want bangs but are not ready for a full commitment, we have just the solution for you. Curtain bangs are the friends-with-benefits version of bangs that you can commit to and sway with when you wish, by pinning them back when you’re bored (2021 dating scenario, am I right?) This style requires minimal effort with a blowdryer and round brush to create the desired shape. They are the perfect choice for wavy hair and great at giving your face and hair some dimension.


4. Shag with layers

Shag with layers

Image courtesy: The Right Hairstyles

The shag has made a huge comeback this past year among millennials and Gen-Z for the bed head hair appeal it lends. It removes bulk from the ends with smart layering, making your wavy hair more manageable while making it look chic. Pro tip: Get a shag with curtain bangs for an instant high-fashion look.


5. Pixie cut

Pixie cut

mage courtesy: Love Hairstyles

The pixie cut has no doubt always been a popular choice among a niche audience, but with the growing acceptance and androgynous trend, the pixie cut has widened its horizons making its way into all kinds of runways and red carpet events. While this cut suits almost everyone, it is especially suitable for wavy hair as it adds texture and dimension. If you’re not fully ready to commit to a pixie cut, you can always go for a bixie — the sweet spot between blunt bob and pixie cut.

Main image courtesy: @deekshakhurana