6 Best Foods To Prevent Hair Loss

Written by Lopa KMay 25, 2022
6 Best Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

Ever wondered why some haircare experts recommend what you should eat to stop hair fall immediately? Along with stress, genetics and bad hair habits, an unhealthy diet is also a common reason for hair loss. You can easily get results if you avoid eating certain foods that are responsible for hair fall like alcohol, sugar, oily food and junk food. Well, you can also make more changes in your diet by including some food items that encourage hair growth.


Food that stops hair fall immediately

FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

Come on now, if you survive on pizza, pasta and coke for days at an end, no amount of hair products or treatment can cure hair loss. Well, let's take a look at the type of foods you can add to your diet that can stop hair fall and promote the regeneration of follicles.


Leafy vegetables

FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

We’re sorry to say but even if you hate leafy vegetables, there is no way around it. Eating green and leafy vegetables can help stop hair fall, especially if malnutrition is the cause of it. They are rich in iron, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and vitamin K. Try food items like spinach, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce every day.



FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

Nuts are your friends when it comes to skin and hair care but walnut is the perfect food to prevent hair loss. It is the richest source of omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin Bs, iron and zinc that nourish your scalp and strengthens hair cuticles.


Sweet potato

FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

You must have heard of beta-carotene in all those shampoo ads. But ever wondered how you could come across it naturally? It is found in sweet potatoes and promotes cell growth. It is the perfect food to prevent hair fall since it reduces thinning and improves the texture of the hair. It is also a healthier alternative to regular potatoes since it is an antioxidant. You can have it boiled or roasted.



FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

Yes, carrots are good for eyesight, but did you know that the vitamin A in them is also useful for hair? Adding carrots to your daily diet reduces hair fall immensely. And why is that? They produce vitamin A with the help of beta-carotene! That’s right, this in turn improves hair elasticity and strengthens brittle hair.



FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

Okay, so vegetarians have it easy, but what if you’re a non-vegetarian and want something more to spice up your meal? We’ve got you. Eating fish helps in stopping hair fall as it is rich in omega fatty acids that strengthen hair, add shine and increase hair volume.



FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

Then there are also eggs which truly can make a world of difference as this particular food can reduce hair fall when applied topically or eaten. Since it is loaded with proteins, biotin and other essential nutrients, it prevents hair loss and boosts hair growth. Eat one egg every day and/or apply it to your hair. Break and whisk an egg till it's frothy then apply it to your scalp for 20 minutes. Wash it off with a mild shampoo like Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo. You can use egg hair masks once a week.


FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

FAQs on foods to prevent hair fall

1) What should we eat to stop hair fall?

There are a lot of foods that you can eat to stop hair fall immediately. Items like walnuts, sweet potato, carrots and more help as mentioned in the article above.

2) How can I stop hair fall naturally?

You can stop hair fall naturally by maintaining a healthy diet, diligently following a hair routine and switching to SLS and paraben-free hair products like Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil and Tresemme Pro Pure Sulphate Free Shampoo.

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