5 Monsoon Skincare Tips Every Teenager Should Follow

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 monsoon skincare tips every teenager should follow

When you're a teenager, you can often take the gift of firm, youthful and glowing skin for granted. But, take it from someone who left their teenage years only a few years ago and has since had to build a steady army of skincare products to keep her skin looking healthy – your skin isn't always going to stay the same! When it comes to skincare, it's best to start when you're young. You don't know the impact it has on your skin until you're furiously googling 'how to get rid of dull skin ASAP' an hour before an important event.

To get you started and to save you the trouble of repeating multiple skincare mistakes we’ve made over the past, we're playing cupid to match you with the easiest skincare routine you can adopt that’ll take care of your skin, especially in the monsoon. It's the best time to get started, too, since you can actually figure out what your skin wants, in tricky weather, instead of having it be smooth sailing all the way. So if you want the perfect monsoon-friendly routine to take care of your skin when you're a teen, this is it.


Wash your twice a face

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We get it. Sometimes, you're feeling a little lazy, and sometimes that all-nighter you're pulling that's actually a Netflix-binge situation you can't step away from. But girl, take a minute, and please wash your face. Two times a day. Use something gentle like the Lakmé Blush & Glow Berry Smash Gel Face Wash. It's ideal for washing all monsoon-related skin impurities away and will make your face feel instantly refreshed and glowy, even if you did spend the entire weekend in front of the TV.


Stay hydrated

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If we had a rupee for every time someone told us to stay hydrated... But that should be an insight into how vital it is! Skin that lacks hydration can look dry and lead to problems like acne and skin irritation — something you definitely don’t want, especially in the monsoon when the chances of catching a fungal infection are higher. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day keeps your skin hydrated and skin problems at bay. Consider this your daily reminder.


Use lip balm

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And no, we don't mean something that just merely looks cute. You need something that moisturises your lips for up to 24 hours and repairs dry and chapped lips. Oh, and of course, it leaves you with soft, glossy lips. That's why you need to have the Vaseline Lip Therapy Vitamin E Lip Balm in your beauty arsenal. Plus, it's got all the goodness and nourishment of vitamin E too!


Use a lightweight moisturiser

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Even though you might have supple skin as a teenager, it's never too early to start moisturising. Healthy, happy skin is always one of those nice-to-haves that you sort of overlook until you desperately need it, so this is your sign to start early. Plus, even though it may not feel like it, your dull, oily skin does need moisturising in the monsoons, albeit a little light. Use the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser, which won't clog your pores due to its lightweight formula and is great for oily and combination skin. And it's got a bunch of vitamin-rich goodness too! Ranging from vitamin B5 to Borage seed oil, this one's definitely a keeper.


Eat healthy

Eat healthy

We know your mum's probably annoyed you for the gazillionth time about this already, but eat healthy already! Eating greasy foods in the monsoon can add to the greasiness on your skin, too, so it's about time you switched to something lighter. We're not asking you to cut out the food you like altogether, but do try to add some seasonal fruits and veggies into the mix. Your skin will be super grateful, and not only will you see short term results, but there’ll also be a bunch of benefits in the long run too.

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