5 Fun Ways To Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Everyday Makeup Look

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
5 fun ways to add a pop of colour to your everyday makeup look

There is nothing in this world that a dash of colours can’t brighten up. So, why should your makeup be any different? It’s time to break up with your nude makeup looks and try out more colourful ones.

Think bright lip shades, vibrant eye shadows and coloured mascaras — the possibilities are endless, ladies. If you are on board for this colourful journey, then we’ve got all the inspiration you need. Scroll down to check them out.


01. Blue(w) my mind

E-girl blush look

Image Courtesy: @Total Beauty


The only kinda blues we want in our life. Prime your eyes and choose a nice bright, bold eyeshadow colour like blue, orange, etc. and swipe it on your eyelids. After that, take a brown shadow on a fluffy blending brush and blend the blue colour to soften the edges and create a seamless transition. Then go ahead and sweep on your liner and add oodles of mascara and you’re set to slay!

BB Pick: Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette - Smokin Glam


02. Vibrant hued eyeliner

E-girl blush look

Image Courtesy: @JAPONESQUE


Simple, black eyeliners are passe. Bold, vivid and eccentric shades like pink, yellow, blue and even purple are just what you need to add a playful touch to your makeup. You can simply sweep this on your lashline, or if you're feeling a bit more experimental, t draw a negative space cat-eye or a floating crease on your eyelids.

BB Pick: Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate Gelato Collection - Candy Floss


03. Pucker your pout

E-girl blush look

Image Courtesy: @nandeezy


A bright shade of lipstick can make your day brighter! Sweeping on bright, bold lipstick is the simplest way to add colour to your makeup. Even if you decide to keep the rest of your makeup neutral, a bright shade of lipstick like red, orange, bright pink, plum or wine and berry can add a splash of colour to your look.

BB Pick: Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Colour - Crazy Tangerine


04. Eccentric lashes

E-girl blush look

Image Courtesy: @Dream Wedding


Coloured mascaras are a huge trend this season and also happens to be the most subtle way to add colour to your makeup. Simply get your hands on a coloured mascara and apply 1-2 coats on your top and bottom lashes to make your peepers pop. Tip: Don’t go overboard with the layers, or it’ll just end up looking tacky.

BB Pick: Lakmé Eyeconic Blue Mascara


05. E-girl blush look

E-girl blush look

Image Courtesy: @ashley 

Who doesn’t love blush? It helps you fake a rosy glow and also makes you look more youthful. But instead of playing it safe and taking the conventional route, try this super fun e-girl blush application trick. You’ll need a pigmented blush for this one, or you’ll have to apply several layers to get the opacity right. Sweep the blush on the bridge of the nose, extending the colour onto the apples of your cheek to create a pore-strip like look. Easy-peasy, right?

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Main Image Courtesy: @Sportsfreund Studios


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