Our fave sitcom ‘Friends’ might have ended a decade ago, but we’re so not ready to let go of our all-time super hot ‘Rachel’ straight hair look. From Brazilian blowouts in high-end salons to annoyingly poker straight chemical hair baths in cheaper parlours, everyone seems to be clamouring for the permanently straightened hair look. Sexy, svelte and so sassy…

But just like the most fab facial that wears off unless you follow a regime, the trick to keeping your straight hair looking glam is to care for them the right way. Here’s our low-down on must-know tips for every diva who’s just gone straight and never wants to look back…

Avoid ANY heating products

  • Avoid ANY heating products.

    The last thing you wanna do is damage your hair just after infusing it with chemicals! Remember that hair dryers and straightening irons exude heat. So hold off on these for as long as you can.  If you absolutely must use a blow dryer, make sure you opt for the cold setting.

    (Note: Showering with hot water is a total no-no; use lukewarm water instead so you don’t end up stripping moisture)
  • Condition daily, but use shampoo sparingly

    Keep that fancy shampoo on the shelf and avoid eye contact as much as possible. Some veteran straightening divas even swear by the ‘no shampoo philosophy.’ But if you’re too OCD for that, then atleast make sure you cut down shampooing to every 2-3 days. Instead you should use conditioner daily for that shiny, straight look. (Guess what- you can also use a hot oil every week and to keep that lustre alive!)

6 Hair Care Tips for your Permanently Straightened Hair

  • Keep your hair protected from sun and pollution.

    Those long afternoons at the poolside to get the perfect tan need to be managed differently now. The harsh sun’s rays, coupled with the dusty air can really damage your chemically treated hair. Here’s a necessary purchase you can totally justify – a fancy sun hat, stylish scarf or fashionable umbrella. Who said you can’t look cool while trying to look hot.
  • Step up on haircut frequency

    Did you know that Straight hair is probably the most prone to split ends? Make sure you don’t forget to get that trim every four to six weeks to snip off split ends and keep them looking sharp and healthy.

6 Hair Care Tips for your Permanently Straightened Hair

  • Get savvy on the products you need

    Don’t make the mistake of using the same hair products you used BS (Before Straightening). You need different products that are specially formulated for chemically straightened hair. If going to a general supermarket, look for products for treated hair such as the Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo and Conditioner that’s specifically meant for treated hair. With an infusion of red algae that is rich in polysaccharides, it helps to retain moisture and ensure that your hair is healthy even post treatment!
  • First comb, then Brush.

    Even your daily hair regime needs an upgrade if you want to keep your newly straightened hair looking glossy. First, run a wide-toothed comb through those locks and untangle any stubborn hair. Then run a brush through gently to give it that shine and volume.

    So there you have it… Our top tips to rock the straightened hair trend and feel completely justified and guilt-free about the amount you spent on the treatment! Totally worth it!