Is your hair thin, limp and difficult to style? Do you see a lot of hair in your comb or brush? Do you blame age for this? If the answer to all these questions is yes, we may have something for you that would help. The first cause of hair ageing is definitely the age factor, but the second and third is not and it could be a good enough reason why your hair is ageing faster than you are.

If you’ve spotted grey hair and other signs of ageing in your strands sooner than you had expected then there’s still some time to fix it. We’ve found five causes that could be causing premature greying of hair.

Internal factors:

5 causes of hair aging

  • Slowed down hair cycle

Just like our skin, ageing also takes a toll on our hair. Hair ageing is a thing and it’s not limited to hair loss or alopecia. It’s a phenomenon that affects everyone as they turn old.

5 causes of hair aging

  • Slow hair growth

Just like the skin on your face and body, the skin on your scalp, too, is affected by ageing. The duration of cell renewal gradually deteriorates and there’s less blood circulation in the scalp area. All of this leads to slower hair growth and hair generally becomes visibly thin.

5 causes of hair aging

  • Hormonal changes

When you reach menopause, your body undergoes significant hormonal changes. These changes affect almost every part of your body, including your hair. It causes severe deficiencies making your hair look limp, dull and dry.

External factors:

5 causes of hair aging

  • Wrong hair products

Internal factors are not the only culprits of premature greying. Using hair care products that are not formulated for your hair type can damage the health and texture of your hair and lead to premature greying. Therefore, we always urge you to buy products that are concern specific to get the best results.

5 causes of hair aging

  • Lifestyle

If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, your diet in particular, then it will affect the health of your hair. To prevent your hair from becoming weak and limp, include a lot of vitamins, proteins and nutrients in your diet. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your hair strong and lustrous for a long time.

5 causes of hair aging

  • Sun and pollution

Environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution and dirt can damage your hair, the same way it damages your skin.

Dandruff, dry hair and frizzy hair are all signs of environmental damage. Protect your hair with a scarf or hat when heading out and get hair repairing treatments done once in a while.