Cute & Trendy Hairstyles For Girls In 2022

Written by Team BBMar 27, 2023
Cute & Trendy Hairstyles for Girls in 2022

Just like the seasons, hair trends come and go. And in 2022, a lot of hairstyles have made a comeback and are here to stay. When it comes to following or knowing about the latest hair trends, we always look up to celebrities. Fashion events and award shows always set an inspiration for the forthcoming trends. Though, it may seem impossible to create your favourite celebrity’s hairstyle, below we have listed down nine cute hairstyles for girls, that are perfect for the upcoming festive and wedding season. Ditch your plain old hairstyles and try something new and trendy this year. Read on to know more about the cute hairstyles for girls with short hair, medium hair and long hair.

Cute & Trendy Hairstyles – The Basics

Some of the trendy hairstyles in 2022 are the sleek and chic top knot, pixie haircut, bangs, the messy updo, long layers, voluminous blowouts, the bob and the beach waves. Below we will tell you how you can achieve cute simple hairstyles in few easy steps for any hair length. These hairstyles are perfect whether you are a teenager or a young adult.

Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair


1. Braided wavy lob hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @goldplaited_/Instagram; @studiolessandranunes/instagram

A lob is actually a term for long layered bob. The length touches the collarbone from front and is shorter at the back. If you’re looking for cute easy hairstyles for girls, then a lob haircut is perfect. To style a braided wavy lob, loosely curl the hair. Create a side part, braid one side of your hair and fix it with a bobby pin. This hairstyle is achieved within minutes.


2. Accessorised half-up, half-down hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @heather_loves_caleb/instagram

For short hair, dainty and delicate hairstyles look the best. Whether you’re getting ready for a wedding function or going out for a brunch with your girlfriends, half-up half-down hairstyle is perfect for every occasion. Create soft curls and leave a couple of hair strands in the front to frame your face. Make loose braids from both the sides and tie them at the back. Finish it off with accessories of your choice. You can either add pearls, a hair vine, silver or gold bobby pins or any accessory of your choice.


3. Wet hair look hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @kourtneykardash/instagram

Red carpet beauty looks have always been a source of inspiration, and one of the all-time favourite styles is the wet hair look. This trendy hairstyle is a head-turner and a style statement. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is actually pretty simple to create. Start this hairstyle with damp hair. Take your favourite strong hold gel and apply a generous amount starting from the roots and work it through your hair. Focus the product more on the roots for a sleek look. Comb your hair as per your desired partition or style. Add shine spray on the lengths of your hair to give a glossy finish. To keep the hair in place, finish it off with a hard spray.

Hairstyles for girls with medium length hair


1. Floral half-up, half-down hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @thebeachwaver/instagram

Flowers are the trendiest accessory and adds a whimsical feel to any hairstyle. You can create a half-up, half-down hairstyle by twisting hair from each side and bringing it back. You can also create voluminous braids on wavy or loose curls and bring it back at the centre. Add dainty florals like baby breaths along with roses or daisies. You can disperse tiny clusters of baby breaths in between the soft curls and secure it with invisible U-pins.


2. Super-high messy ponytail hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @s_roseartistry/instagram

Messy high ponytails are nothing but ‘I woke up like this’ look with a finesse. It is advisable to create this style with a day two hair or tresses that have more texture to them. Loosely curl your hair in thick sections and add a texture spray for volume. Gather your hair on top of the crown and fasten it into a high ponytail. Hide the elastic by taking a one-inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrapping it around the base. Tease the hair at the roots of the ponytail and finish it off with a hard texturising spray.


3. Scarf Dutch braid hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @whatlydialikes/Instagram; @lunasalontally/instagram

Add old school charm to your hairstyle with a Dutch braid tied with a scarf. To start off, divide your hair into three sections. Unlike crossing them over like a normal three-strand braid, cross them under one another to get a 3D pop. Keep braiding and adding a section of hair along the way. You can braid it right till the end or leave it half way. Gently tug the braid apart to make it look fuller. Tie the braid with an elastic and finish it off by tying the scarf for an aesthetic look. It’s one of the cute hairstyles for little girls with medium hair.

Hairstyles for girls with long hair


1. Bubble braid hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @avadaexeter/Instagram; @allthingshairuk/instagram

Jump on the wagon of donning a stylish bubble braid and ditching your regular braid. This super fun and cool hairstyle is ready in a jiffy. Tie your hair in a high or a mid-length ponytail. Take an elastic and tie it strategically below the base of the ponytail. The hair will puff out like a bubble. To create more volume, gently pull the bubble from all sides. Repeat the process throughout the ponytail.  


2. Textured wrap ponytail hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @hairbyoliviajames/Instagram; @hairbydesilee/instagram

This boho chic hairstyle is perfect for teenage girls or even as a bridesmaid for upcoming wedding season. Create waves in your hair with a curling tong. Brush out the waves for a softer look. Create an ear-to-ear parting and leave aside the hair in front. Back comb the crown area and use a textured spray on the curls to create volume. Gather the hair and tie it into a low ponytail. Take the front sections of the hair and wrap it around the ponytail one after another. Your textured wrap ponytail is ready.


3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

3. Messy top-knot hairstyle

Image Credit: @kbeautyhair/Instagram; @hairbycarmenamelia/instagram

A messy top-knot hairstyle is quick, versatile and chic for every occasion. It is also a favourite of celebrities like Deepika Padukone. Start by creating soft waves of curls with a curling iron. Create a ponytail on top of your head, following your cheekbone. Once the ponytail is fixed, tease the hair by backcombing to create volume and texture. Wrap the ponytail around the base and pin and tease it along the way. Remove a strand or two to frame your face.

FAQs about Cute & Trendy Hairstyles for girls in 2022

Q1. Are bangs in style for 2022?

A. Yes, bangs never go out of style. From supermodels to celebrities, bangs have always been a favourite. Whether it is side-swept bangs, curtain bangs or blunt bangs, they always take your haircut a notch above.

Q2. What should I put on my hair before styling?

A. Before styling your hair, you need to have a clean base. Shampoo your hair thoroughly before any hairstyle. Apply heat protectant spray and follow it up with a mousse before blow drying your hair. Post blow dry you can style your hair as per your requirement.

Q3. Can you style dry hair?

A. Though dry hair can be unmanageable, you can still style them. When blow drying, do not go too close to the roots. Be gentle when styling dry hair as pulling and tucking can damage and break the hair easily. Using a detangling brush, remove the knots before starting the hairstyle. You can also apply a serum to dry hair before styling. Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture Boost Hair Serum will add shine to your locks and keep them hydrated.

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