Whether you’re getting ready for work early in the morning or glamming up for a date night, it’s important to master a few cute and chic hairstyles that are easy and at the same time look effortlessly cool. Because girl, your hairstyle speaks volumes!

To help you make the most of your hair length and texture, here’s a low-down on a bunch of easy hairstyles for girls who are looking to amp up their hair game this season. Be it a low ponytail for office, half up half down for a date or a side braid for a party—we’ve got it all covered! Read on to learn some super easy and sassy hairstyles that are sure to earn you compliments...


Twisted half up half down

Twisted half up half down

Give your half up half down hairstyles a twist, quite literally! This cute, sophisticated hairstyle is sure to take your glamour quotient a few notches higher. If you have really, really long hair and want to keep those annoying front fringes off your face, then this half up half down hairstyle is just perfect for you! It is one of the easiest hairstyles for girls who are running late.

Step-by-step guide-

Step 1: To begin with, reach out for a styling cream to smoothen out your hair. You can try the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Styling which defends hair against frizz and humidity

Step 2: Brush your hair to remove any tangles

Step 3: Instead of the regular mid-parting, go for a diagonal parting. Doing so will help distribute your hair evenly on both the sides

Step 4: Take the front section of your hair on both sides and twist them backwards

Step 5: Use a few bobby pins to secure the twist at the back of your head

Step 6: Grab your curling iron and curl the rest of your hair to add more definition to your long tresses

Step 7: Lastly, finish off with a hairspray. And run your fingers through your curls to give your hair a more natural finish


Side fishtail braid

Side fishtail braid

Apt for a brunch day or a cocktail evening, a side fishtail braid can easily give your regular braids a run for their money. To add some oomph to your hairstyle, master the side braid-style and you’ll be unstoppable. You can amp up your hairstyle with a few floral hair accessories especially if you’re styling it for a cocktail party. It is one of the most stylish hairstyles for girls who have long or medium length hair.

Step-by-step guide-

Step 1: Brush your hair to get rid of the knots in your hair

Step 2: Create a deep side parting and bring all your hair to one side, opposite the side of your hair part

Step 3: Spritz the Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray onto the bottom half of your hair. This will add texture and volume to your mane

Step 4: Gather all your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic for more control

Step 5: Split your ponytail into two equal sections

Step 6: Take a piece of hair from the left side and cross it over to the right. Then, take a new piece from the outside of the right side and pass it back to the left side

Step 7: Braid till you reach the end of your hair

Step 8: Make smaller sections if you want a tight fishtail braid which you can later loosen up once you’re done braiding

Step 9: Secure your fishtail braid with a hair tie


Crossover pony

Crossover pony

Bored of the regular low as well as sky-high ponytails? Well, you’ll be happy to know that here’s another super cool and easy-peasy version of a ponytail that is definitely going to make your hair game look strong AF. Yes, we are talking about crossover low ponytail. Wear it to work, to the gym or simply laze around in it because this hairstyle is here to give all kinds of chilled vibes. It is one of those casual hairstyles for girls who are not in the mood for putting too much effort to style their locks.

Step-by-step guide-

Step 1: To begin with, divide your hair into two front sections and one back section

Step 2: Use hairspray or dry shampoo and spritz some to tease the top of the back section to add some volume to your mane

Step 3: Pull the back section into a low ponytail

Step 4: Now, bring one of the front sections around the back and place it over the low pony

Step 5: Bring the second front piece and cross it over the top of the first section

Step 6: Pull the ends of both the sections down under the low ponytail and secure with a clear elastic

Step 7: With the help of a curling iron, add some loose waves to up the glamour quotient of your hairdo


Space buns

Space buns

Make your beach vacay look further picturesque with a fun hairstyle that is sure to grab all the attention. We’re talking about space buns! This cute, high-school-esque hairstyle complements floral beach-y dresses and shorts to the T. Therefore, if you’re looking for some hair-inspo to light up your Instagram pictures this season, then master space buns. It is the trendiest hairstyles for girls who have long, thick hair.

Step-by-step guide-

Step 1: Brush your hair thoroughly to remove any knots or tangles. This hairstyle requires serious work, and knots in the middle of your hair may just ruin the entire look

Step 2: Part your hair down the middle and make two ponytails. Secure the ponytails with a clear elastic on each side

Step 3: You can then either twist or braid each section from root to end. If you’re not a pro at braiding, then simply twist each section of the hair

Step 4: Now, wrap the section around the elastic to create a bun

Step 5: Repeat the same on the other side and you’ll be ready with space buns

Step 6: Finish off with the Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray that helps create hold and allows your hair to enjoy long-lasting smoothness


Braided top knot

Braided top knot

The benefits of tying your hair up in a top-knot are more than you can imagine. It does not only help you keep sweaty neck at bay but also helps you ooze effortless style in a jiffy. But did you know that you can make your top-knot look dressy too? Yes, from celebrities to runway models, the top knot is having a moment! Well, for your top knot to make a statement, give it a fresh twist. The braided top knot is the answer! It is one of the most romantic hairstyles for girls looking for a date night hairdo ideas.

Step-by-step guide-

Step 1: Detangle your hair using a paddle brush

Step 2: Bring all your hair together and pull it up into a high ponytail

Step 3: Brush your hair down as much as possible to tame any flyaways or hair bubbles

Step 4: Create two sections of your ponytail

Step 5: Braid each section of your hair until you reach the end and secure the braids with a clear elastic

Step 6: Now, wrap the braids around each other in opposite directions

Step 7: Secure the braids using a few bobby pins and finish off with a hairspray to hold the style in place

Image courtesy: Pinterest