Why You Need Bond-Building Hair Treatments: Reasons And Options

Written by Lopa KFeb 09, 2023
Why You Need Bond-Building Hair Treatments: Reasons and Options

Hair can be damaged for several reasons from careless use of heat styling to the constant colouring of your hair. When this happens, your hair can lose the natural proteins that are needed to keep your strands smooth and strong. But there are several ways to reverse this damage. Bond-building is one such way on how to strengthen hair. Your hair is made up of follicles, bonds and protein cells that are responsible for its shape and health. When damaged, bond-building can restore them.

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Why You Need Bond-Building Hair Treatments: The Basics  

Before we get into how you can get a bond-building hair treatment, let’s take a look at what it is and how to strengthen your hair with this process. Our hair strands consist of a bunch of elements like amino acids, proteins and bond cells. Amino acids make up proteins and proteins in turn make up bonds. These bonds and how they are formed are responsible for your hair’s shape i.e., straight, wavy, curly or a combination. When your hair is damaged for whatever reason, these bonds can break as well leading to loss of hair shape, fraying of cuticles and frizz. It can also weaken the hair and make it susceptible to breakage. And if natural home remedies and hair masks aren’t bringing about much results, you may need some added reinforcement. This is where a bond-building hair treatment comes in. 

Top Reasons Why You Need Bond-Building Hair Treatments 

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1. They repair from within 

When your hair cells are damaged, you need a cure that can work from within to fix them. Simply straightening your hair when it is all frizzy or using a hair-styling serum is not enough as they are only temporary solutions. That is where bond-building hair treatments come in. They use natural proteins like keratin or bond-repairing technology to strengthen your hair from within. 

2. Smoothens frizz and flyaways 

Sometimes, the reason for all the frizz and flyaways is that your hair strands are frayed. A bond-repairing treatment strengthens the bonds which in turn smoothens the frayed cuticles and strands. So, along with getting stronger and healthier hair, say hello to a visually stunning mane devoid of frizz and flyaways. 

3. Strengthens the hair 

If you want to know how to strengthen your hair, just turn to a bond-building hair treatment. Since it repairs the hair’s natural bonds this leads to your strands getting stronger and thicker. It even helps the hair follicles heal so that the new hair that grows is almost good as new as if the damage never happened in the first place.  

4. Immediate effect 

Okay, so we are going to tell you the secret that makes repair bonding treatments so popular. It is because it starts working on your hair from the get-go. Beauty experts claim that it starts repairing the bonds 5-10 minutes into applying the treatment. This is also a plus since we don’t have to turn to it frequently as just once or twice a week of bond-repairing is enough. 

5. Stops hair from breaking 

Bond-building treatments repair the hair so that means no more breakage. Since it repairs the hair bonds and strengthens your strands, there is a less likely chance of it breaking. Some studies suggest that since it can stop your hair from breaking this in turn helps with increasing the density of your hair as well, a concern for those with thin and scanty hair.

Top Bond-Building Hair Treatments to Try    

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1. Use a bond-repairing shampoo 

Sure, we all need a shampoo to keep our scalp clean and our hair grease-free. But what to do when our hair is all damaged and brittle? A shampoo which is supposed to get rid of all the excess oil could just make our hair dryer and damage it further. Well, that’s where a bond-repairing shampoo comes in. Along with the usual bond-building treatment serum, use a shampoo like the TRESemmé Keratin Repair Bond Strength Shampoo. It gives you a salon-like treatment with the help of keratin, a natural protein found in our hair as well as coconut oil and citric acid so that it doesn’t dry out your hair. It also uses a protein bond plex technology to work its magic from within and strengthen the hair bonds every time you use it. All you need to do is first rinse your hair. Then thoroughly apply the shampoo to your scalp and tresses. Massage it in gently and then wash it off.

how to strengthen hair

2. Condition with a keratin conditioner 

Like its shampoo counterpart, the TRESemmé Keratin Repair Bond Strength Conditioner not only moisturises your hair but also works on strengthening your strands 20 times more. Stop 98% of your hair from breaking with this hardcore bond-repairing range of haircare products. So, whether your hair is coloured or chemically treated, it can work on bettering your tresses as it also makes use of lactic acid to nourish your hair from within along with keratin. The new bonding formula brings about results in 5 minutes compared to the arduous and usually time-consuming hair treatments. After shampooing, simply take a little bit of the conditioner and apply it evenly from the mid-length to the tips. Let it sit for two to three minutes and then wash it off thoroughly.  

FAQs about Why You Need Bond-Building Hair Treatments   

Q1. Is bond-building treatment good for hair? 

Yes, in fact, it is meant for those with weak and damaged hair. When your hair is damaged, you may have to turn to several methods to try and heal your hair. And one of the ways is to do hair bond-building. Hair bond-building products are specifically made to repair the hair’s broken bonds and heal the shape of your strands.  

Q2. How often should I use a hair bond-building treatment? 

Depending on the state of your hair, you can get a bond repairing treatment done one to two times a week. Little by little, it repairs the hair’s natural bonds and strengthens your strands. If your hair is extremely frizzy and brittle, there have been users who have done the treatment as frequently as thrice a week to give their hair the added help in healing. 

Q3. What is the difference between hair bond and bond-building treatment? 

If you have come across beauty gurus warning you of the harsh side effects of hair rebonding/bonding and wondering how bond-building can repair damaged hair, that is because these two treatments are vastly different. A hair bonding or rebonding treatment basically breaks down your hair's natural bonds and creates artificial bonds to make your hair’s shape look naturally straight. Bond-building on the other hand simply aims at healing your natural bonds and strengthening your hair. 

And there you have it. Here’s how to strengthen hair with a bond-repairing treatment. All you need to do is be diligent and stick to your haircare routine to get healthy-looking tresses.

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