Party Hairdos For Girls With Long, Silky Hair

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
Party hairdos for girls with long, silky hair

Who doesn’t like going to parties? Parties are a lot of fun but they can also be exhausting for those of us who have long hair. We all want long, silky tresses but carrying it can be a task, especially when you want to style them for a party.

Here are some hair styles for long, silky hair which will look chic and will allow you to move around freely at any party…


1. Double ponytail

Waterfall braid

This style adds extra volume to your hair. First, you need to go half up by making a top ponytail. Next, you pull together the rest of your hair into a second ponytail. Brush and tease your top ponytail to make it look fuller.


2. Knotted low bun

Waterfall braid

If you like to keep it simple, this chic and effortless hairstyle is our pick for you. Braid your hair and lock the ends. Wrap the braid in the same fashion like you would wrap a bun and tuck in the loose ends.


3. Twist and pin

Waterfall braid

You can totally pull this pretty hairdo in less than 10 minutes! All you have to do is twist one inch of your hair and place it behind and secure this twist placing two bobby pins at a set angle to create an X shape.


4. The hair headband

Waterfall braid

Here is another easy way to carry your hair at parties. Simply create a headband using half-inch of face-framing hair depending on your hair length. Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Place both pieces at the nape of your neck and latch together. Now undo your ponytail and let your hair fall loosely. You can also braid the hair and make a headband in a similar way.


5. Half bun

Waterfall braid

If you don’t have much time on your hands, but want to go for a chic hairstyle, then how about a half bun? It’ll not take more than 10 minutes, trust us! Just take the top half of your hair and tie a ponytail. Then twist your hair around the base, and voila, you’ve got a chic half bun!


6. Messy fishtail side braid

Waterfall braid

If you’re in the mood for a hairstyle where your tresses are tied up, then you can try out the messy fishtail side braid! Your hair will be tied up, but it’ll still have a bit of a messy look, so it’ll be perfect.

Begin with parting your hair on the side you want your braid. Split it into two sections and cross one section over the other. Keep the braid tight and keep repeating the same step by crossing a section from outside into the other section inside till you reach the ends of your hair. Tie your hair and tug at your braid lightly to give it a fuller and messier look.


7. Twisted crown

Waterfall braid

When you have long and silky hair, why not show them off with this elegant hairstyle? This twisted crown hairstyle will give you a beautiful hairstyle while also keeping your long hair open.

To do this, take a triangle section of hair near your part and divide it into two sections. Add a new section of hair to the front and then to the back. Twist the sections together with the front part going over the back part, and keep repeating this till you reach the back of your head. Twist the two sections till the end and tie them. Repeat the procedure on the other side, and when done, take one of the twists and pull it through another. Finish off the look with a few bobby pins. If it looks a bit messy, don’t worry too much about it!


8. Half-up space buns

Waterfall braid

Seen those cool kids sporting space buns and want to try the same? Well, why not? In fact, they’d look even more fabulous on your long and silky hair. Give your hair a middle parting, make two half ponytails using just the upper part of your hair. Then twist the two ponytails into buns, and there you go! You’ve got the half-up space buns hairstyle in just a few minutes!


9. Waterfall braid

Waterfall braid

If you like braids but don’t want to braid your hair entirely, then this waterfall braid is just what you need! To begin, take some hair from close to your parting and divide it into 3 equal sections. Start weaving the braid across the back of your crown by crossing the section of hair nearer to the top of your head over the middle section. Then cross the bottom section over the (new) middle section. Then, pick up a new top section, cross over the middle section and then drop it. After crossing the bottom section over your dropped section, begin the weaving process again, working your way to the back of your head. When done, secure it with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side of the hair, and then bring the two braids together with some hairpins.

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