Amp Up Your Hair Game With These Stunning Waterfall Braids

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Amp up your hair game with these stunning waterfall braids

Braids make for the most classic hairstyles that have been around for decades. The benefits of styling your hair into a braid are more than you can imagine. From making your frizzy mane behave well to keeping hair off your face, to helping you wake up with waves (styled without any heat), there is no reason why you shouldn’t braid your hair. While there are so many braid hairstyles to pick from, let’s take a moment to talk about the most intricate and stunning braided hairstyles of all time—Waterfall Braids!

Not just nature’s most spectacular phenomenon; the term “waterfall” is now associated with hair and makes for one helluva gorgeous hairdo. Yes, we are talking about waterfall braids! Be it an updo or ponytail, adding an intricate appeal to your hairstyle with a waterfall braid can take your beauty game a few notches higher. And that’s not all! Waterfall braids can be a big saviour on bad hair days. Instead of covering your frizzy mane with a simple braid, we suggest you go for a more intricate braid-style that’ll help you make a drop-dead gorgeous statement.

While there are zillion hairstyles out there to experiment with, some just manage to hold a special place in our hearts (red hair). One such adorable hairdo is a waterfall braid. This intricate and stunning hairstyle can give your regular braids a run for their money.

Though weaving your hair into a waterfall braid may seem intimidating in the beginning but once you master the technique, there’s no looking back. You can also make it your go-to hairstyle for occasions such as parties or date nights. Keep giving your waterfall braid a little twist so they look different each time you style it.

Here are 6 stunning waterfall braid hairstyles that you can keep juggling between to keep your hair game going strong AF...


Side swept waterfall braid

A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

If you have thick, long hair, then this side-swept waterfall braid is just perfect for you. This romantic version of a waterfall braid can complement your elaborate gowns to the T. That’s not all! It also makes for a perfect date night hairstyle that’ll instantly take your glamour quotient a few notches higher. If your hair is on the thinner side, then you can add some volume with the help of clip-in extensions or a volumising hair spray. To ace sides wept waterfall braid, start with a regular waterfall braid just above your forehead and gently descend it to the back of your neck as you go.


Waterfall braid ponytail

A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

While ponytails are the most versatile of the lot, let’s admit it; it can get a bit boring to wear your hair in a regular ponytail each time you step out! Doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the gym or heading for a brunch, your hairstyle always speaks volumes. Therefore, to give your usual ponytail an upgrade, it’s best to weave a little waterfall braid on the side before grabbing all your hair into a ponytail. This small twist is all you need to up the beauty quotient of your boring hairstyle. Begin by normally weaving a waterfall braid and secure it with an elastic once you’re done. Then, take all your hair and tie it into a ponytail. Pull your braid apart for it to stand out!


Boho waterfall braid

A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

Channel your inner boho, beach-ready vibes with a not-so-intricate waterfall braid style. You don’t always have to make your waterfall braid look oh-so-dressy. On some days, you can go for loose braids and loose waves to match your chilled mood. The effortlessness of the coif makes it easy to wear this easy-breezy hairstyle, and you can wear it during the day or night. Once you’re done styling your mane into a beautiful waterfall braid, just grab your curling iron or tong to add some loose waves at the ends. Doing so will add more glamour to your entire look.


Waterfall French braid bun

A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

Buns are the most comforting hairdos. They are not just easy to style but also protect your mane from a lot of damage. While our days mostly end with our hair tied up in a bun; there are more elaborate ways of wearing this hairdo. In fact, you can add waterfall braids to your casual bun too to make it look chic and elegant. A waterfall French braid bun features a waterfall and French braid on the right side and a fishtail French braid of the left, all of it wrapped together in a stylish low bun. If you add some floral accessories to this hairstyle, you can also wear it to weddings or cocktail parties.


Waterfall braid with a flower bun

A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

What happens when you team waterfall braids and flower bun together? You get a fun, flirty hairstyle that gives out all the feminine feels. The little flower bun addition to your waterfall braid is not just stylish but also adds more interest and glamour to your hairstyle. You can wear this drop-dead braid - style to special occasions such as dates or evenings out. Mastering this elaborate hairstyle may take some time but once you get it right, you’re definitely going to love styling all the more. While this hairstyle requires effort and skill, it can be time-consuming. Therefore, we suggest you leave this hairdo for special occasions and not for everyday wear.


Half-up waterfall braid

A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

With braids, more is more! A mix of different types of braids is sure to give your hair ample texture. To begin with, weave waterfall braids on each side of your head and add a pancake braid where the braids meet in the middle. Take a piece of your hair and wrap it around the end of the braid, to hide your elastic. Finish off by adding some loose beachy waves to your hairstyle and you’re all set to slay!


A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

A step-by-step guide to ace a waterfall braid —

To help you ace this chic braid, here’s a 5-step tutorial that is sure to make you a pro at weaving waterfall braids...

Step 1: Add volume

This step totally depends on your hair type. If you feel your hair is falling flat and needs some volume near the root and at the sides, then add some clip-in extensions or tease your hair or simply spritz the Toni Guy Casual: Sea Salt Texturising Spray that promises to add texture and volume to your hair.

Step 2: Section your hair

Create a deep side parting and then take a big section of hair at the front and separate it into three strands.

Step 3: Cross the sections

Take the top strand closest to your hairline and cross it over the middle and let it hang. Then, take the bottom strand and cross it over the new middle strand. Instead of crossing the hanging piece, leave it as is to create that waterfall effect. Lastly, take your top and bottom strands and cross them over each other once. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the desired braid length.

Step 4: Create the waterfall braid

To give your hairstyle the waterfall effect, always remember to grab a new piece of hair from above the braid that’s forming, place it in the middle and let it hang.

Step 5: Secure your braid in place

Hold your braid in place with the help of an elastic. Tuck the end of your braid under the rest of your hair with the help of bobby pins so it looks neat. Lastly, pull your braids apart slightly if you want it to look fuller and more voluminous.

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