2023 Hair Color Trends: Hues Taking Over The Year

Written by Lopa KJan 25, 2024
2023 Hair Color Trends: Hues Taking Over the Year

While 2022was all about colorful and pastel hair, this year has been all about subtlety and sophistication when it comes to hair color for women. So, whether you want a new lookor just a slight upgrade, we’ve rounded up five hair color trends of 2023 for a little inspiration. Get ready to book your next appointment!

Hair Color Trends of 2023


1. Caramel Highlights

FAQs on Hair Color Trends

This 2023 hair color trend is perfect for those who don’t want to completely change their hair but still want to switch up their look. This hair color for dusky skin is understated but still adds dimension and volume to your hair with the help of the balayage technique. And while this trend comes and goes in the West, it was a favourite in Bollywood this year. Oh, it also happens to get you one step closer to pulling off Alia Bhatt’s caramel brown hair color highlights from Rocky Aur Rani! Sold yet?


2. Auburn

FAQs on Hair Color Trends

Fiery red has always been an unattainable dream for those who aren’t naturally redheads or are scared of being disowned by their parents. But what if we said there is another solution to get red hair color for black hair which will turn heads but in an appreciative manner? Remember when we said 2023 has been a year of subtle chic trends, that goes for red hair color too. It is all about dark auburn, almost bordering on brown hair color. And the best part is that this suits all skin tones and isn’t too much if you are a corporate girlie.


3. Dark Roots

FAQs on Hair Color Trends

With Barbie dominating in 2022, it was bound to do the same in 2023, you know since it happened to be released this year. Well, if clothes and makeup were all pink and blue, what about hair color for women? Well, Stereotypical Barbie has the perfect blonde hair.

But Margot Robbie put her own spin on it with dark roots. This has become common for a lot of blondes who are actually not really blondes including Gigi Hadid who has dark blonde hair in real life. We call it a win as we don’t have to fry our roots while trying to pre-lighten our hair. Oh, and it is the foolproof way to get blonde hair color for Indian skin tone as the dark roots don’t wash out our face.


4. Dark brunette

FAQs on Hair Color Trends

From the Kardashians to Zendaya and Salma Hayek, a deep, dark brunette has been making the rounds in the fashion circle. Not to be outdone, our desi celebs totally slay such global hair color shades whether it is Priyanka Chopra or Aditi Rao Hydari. It is easy to achieve, easy to maintain and easy to style. What more do you need? Oh and when your natural hair grows, you can simply call it an ombre look and call it a day!


5. Warm Honey Blonde

FAQs on Hair Color Trends

We especially love this trend since it looks so good on Indian skin. Yes, undertones matter and with most of us having warm undertones, it is not rocket science that a warm yellow would look 10 times better than say platinum or pastel shades. So, with that in mind, this is the perfect blonde hair color for dusky skin. If you want to go blonde, don’t even think twice, just tell your stylist about this lovely warm honey blonde shade.


Precautions For Colored Hair

FAQs on Hair Color Trends

Now, say that you’ve jumped on the latest hair color trend of 2023 and changed up your look, don’t forget to maintain it if you want it to last long. If you don’t use the right shampoo or take care of your hair, you’ll end up with dry hair and a faded look.

Shampoo and Conditioner Meant for Colored Hair

Coloring your hair can dry it if you don’t take care of it. Keep your hair moisturised with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner like the TRESemmé Pro Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. It has nourishing elements like argan oil while being free from harsh chemicals like sulphates or parabens, perfect for colored hair. It thoroughly cleanses and conditions hair while also sealing moisture and leaving your hair shiny.

Pamper With Hair Masks

Coloring can take a toll on the health of your hair if you don’t maintain it. Pamper your hair weekly with hair masks to restore its natural moisture with the likes of TRESemmé Moisture Boost Hair Mask With Hyaluronic Acid. It is paraben-free and is loaded with the wonders of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Get professional care at your fingertips as it strengthens your hair inside out and leaves it shiny. Take a generous amount and apply it from the mid-length to the tips. Leave it for three to five minutes and then wash it off.


FAQs on Hair Color Trends

FAQs on Hair Color Trends

Q1. What hair color makes you look younger?

Warm honey blonde makes anyone look younger. This is because blonde shades are always associated with the youth in the fashion world. The warm honey highlights also bring warmth to your face and make you look livelier and younger.

Q2. What level do I need to pre-lighten for blonde hair?

For us Indians, we usually need to at least reach a level 7 or 8 when dyeing lighter shades. To go blonde successfully, 8 is the lowest you can go. For the perfect platinum, 9 is usually recommended with the brassy tones being balanced out with a purple shampoo.

Q3. What is the hair color trend for 2024?

From the spring/summer 2024 shows, the prediction for hair color for women is that blonde, balayage highlights, rose gold and ash grey hair color will dominate the hair color trends.

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