Most Common Problems For Curly Haired Women

Written by Lopa KJan 31, 2023
Most Common Problems for Curly Haired Women

They say curly hair have a mind of their own and curly-haired women all across the world will agree. Caring for and styling curly hair is no easy task, from fighting frizz to taming unmanageable ends, and getting pretty much every hairstyling tool stuck in your hair, the battle is never-ending. But curly hair problems also have specialised solutions that we are going to spill for you. 


Curly haired women: the basics

FAQs about most common problems for curly haired women

Girls with curly hair have a love-hate relationship with their locks. While the enviable curls, crazy volume and the fact that oil doesn’t show up for days make your textured tresses look awesome, curly hair problems like frizz, dryness and stunted growth make you want to grab that straightener on important days. 

Yes, curly hair can be unmanageable and hard work at times but we have the right way to deal with every struggle you go through with your curly mane. Let’s see how we can keep your hair game on fleek all day, every day. 


Common problems for curly hair

FAQs about most common problems for curly haired women

1. Frizz 

This dreaded ‘F’ word is an everyday nightmare. The slightest humidity in the air makes your hair unruly and frizzy. Apply a leave-in conditioner or a serum on your damp hair after every wash and brush lightly to keep the flyaways settled.  

Also, ditch your towel for an old cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. Even the softest of towels can leave your hair frizzy and rough to the touch. Remember, never rub your hair; just wrap the t-shirt around it and let it soak up the water. 

We’d also suggest replacing your cotton pillowcase. Cotton can damage your hair as the fibres absorb moisture from your hair, which can lead to frizz. Use a silk pillowcase as it will reduce friction and you will wake up with less frizzy hair.      

2. Tangles 

Curly hair tangles easily and that’s why you have to think about it a million times before leaving it loose on any day. Also, we are sure you’ve broken your hairbrush at least once while brushing your hair. Wash your hair in sections to avoid tangles in the shower. And, brush your hair while damp with a wide-toothed comb to fix this particular curly hair problem. Begin brushing the bottom to remove knots and then gradually move up. This way you won’t pull or break your strands.  

FAQs about most common problems for curly haired women

3. Roughness

Is your hair as rough as your morning toast? This happens because the cuticles open up due to humidity. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner free of harsh chemicals like the Dove Beautiful Curls Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner perfect for those with curly hair. It is formulated specially to deep cleanse and condition dry and frizzy hair. It is infused with several naturally moisturising elements like shea butter, coconut oil and aloe which helps recover your hair’s natural oil and locks in moisture to maintain the shape of your curls while also taking care not to blemish coloured or weak hair.

Apply the conditioner in a downward motion and wash after a couple of minutes, giving it time to do the job. Also due to frizzy ends and shaft, focus mainly on the scalp. While shampooing, concentrate mainly on your scalp because that’s where all the dirt and oil are settled. 

4. Slower growth 

Curly hair grows at a slower speed than straight hair (like it wasn’t tough enough, already). Hair oil massages before a hair wash can help by providing proper nourishment to your curly hair. Gently massage the scalp with warm oil to regulate blood circulation and induce hair growth.  

You may also want to get a dry cut to avoid any length surprises. With a dry cut, you will know exactly how your ringlets will look when you style them instead of crying over your hair ending up way too short than you intended.

FAQs about most common problems for curly haired women

5. Dryness

Being porous and highly prone to humidity, curly hair loses moisture easily and the result is dry and visibly dull hair. Deep condition and hydrate with a hair mask once a week. If you don’t have time for a DIY mask, the easiest way to fix curly hair problems is to put on ready made hair mask once a week.  

Take a generous amount of the creamy Dove Beautiful Curls Deep Moisture Miracle Hair Mask from mid-length to the ends of damp hair and wash it off after five minutes once a week. It has nourishing ingredients like glycerine, coconut oil and shea butter that repair damaged strands and strengthen them. It is also free of drying chemicals like dyes, sulphates and parabens and is perfect for dry locks as it reduces breakage. This hydrating mask also calms frizz and adds a shine that makes it easier to maintain your curls and style your hair.


FAQs about most common problems for curly haired women

FAQs about most common problems for curly haired women

Q. What is the biggest disadvantage of curly hair? 

The biggest disadvantage is brushing and detangling curly hair. Dry brushing can cause frizziness while wet hair is at its weakest state. You need to brush curly hair when it's damp that too in a down-to-upward motion. 

Q. Does curly hair get damaged more easily? 

Unfortunately, curly hair is more susceptible to damage. Your natural oil is unable to coat each strand from the top to the end. This makes curly hair more drying unless you moisturise it. 

Q. How can I solve my curly hair problem? 

Curly hair can get dry and frizzy easily. You need to constantly pamper your hair and moisturise it frequently with hair masks and leave-in conditioners to keep it soft and conditioned. 

But there are several ways to tame your curls and bring their bounce back with some simple tips and changes in your hair care routine. Add the above-mentioned tips to your haircare routine and say goodbye to curly hair problems. 

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