Have you ever spent hours blending and buffing your makeup in the hope of looking glamorous and clicking Insta-worthy pictures, only to realise your makeup has turned out to be a patchy mess? Effort down the drain! Your skin and makeup are two of the trickiest things on this planet and getting them right each time is not simple.

But, don’t be disheartened because we have found some fixes that will come handy each time you end up with patchy looking makeup. Scroll down to know more.

how to prevent fix patchy makeup

Blotchy lipstick

You were so excited to try out the new lipstick you ordered only to watch it settling into the fine lines of your lips and emphasise every dry patch. The next time you want to apply this lipstick, scrub your lips first to get rid of those dry patches. Once your lips feel smooth and even, the lipstick will glide on easily without looking blotchy.

how to prevent fix patchy makeup

Cakey foundation

As if finding the right foundation match wasn’t tricky enough, now you also have to deal with cakey foundation. There are many reasons why your foundation might be looking cakey, right from using the wrong formula to not applying primer. To fix this problem, use a damp makeup sponge and use a stippling motion to blend the product. This will soften and blend the excess foundation (if any) better.

how to prevent fix patchy makeup

Concealer settling into creases

Concealer is a god-sent product; it hides pretty much every imperfection. But the same concealer can sometimes settle into the creases of your skin and completely ruin your look, especially in the under-eye area. To ensure this doesn’t happen, apply a small amount of moisturiser and allow your skin to absorb it. Then apply your concealer followed by a loose powder to set it.

how to prevent fix patchy makeup

Clumpy mascara

Apply a very small amount of water on a clean mascara wand and wiggle the brush across the base of your lashes. If you’re using waterproof mascara replace water with makeup remover. The key is to only use a very tiny amount of water or makeup remover or you might end up smearing all your makeup. Then apply your mascara as usual.

how to prevent fix patchy makeup

Patchy eyeshadow

When it comes to makeup, prepping is the key. If you haven’t prepped your skin well, your makeup will never look good. Apart from moisturising, it is also essential to apply a primer even on your eyelids to avoid patchy looking eyeshadow. Of course other factors like the quality of eyeshadow, the applicator brush and the formula also play a vital role.