We're in the midst of a (sort of) post-pandemic world in which makeup trends are back and better than ever, especially during the winter months. Now our foundation will not melt off in the summer heat, and we can add as much colour as we want. We are more ready than ever to wear our most dramatic holiday eyeshadow looks this year after several months of Zooms and party planning.  

With these looks, your makeup game will be on point and you'll look perfect for the holidays. Read on to find out how these winter eyeshadow makeup looks can help you shine at any party. 

How to Nail the Winning Winter Eyeshadow Looks  

Here’s your guide on some exciting colorful eyeshadow looks that you can try out this winter.  

1. Brown smokey eyes 

Ace that Winter Look with Lakme Absolute Eyeshadow

Did you know that you can take your neutral shades to another level? Well, you can use the highly pigmented neutral shades from the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eyeshadow Palette - Desert Sunset. The palette comes with an excellent color pay-off and an easy-to-blend formula to give you a velvety smooth finish. It adds that perfect sultry touch and uplifts your look.  

How to Achieve the Look   

  1. Take the shade ‘Daybreak’ from the palette and apply it to your crease. Blend it well. 

  1. Define the crease using ‘Dune’. 

  1. Top it up with the shimmery gold shade ‘Alure’ and apply it from the inner corner of your eyes to the centre. 

  1. Add a generous coat of mascara to finish the look.  

2. Pink eyes 

Ace that Winter Look with Lakme Absolute Eyeshadow

This winter the pink eyeshadow look is undoubtedly trendy. Pink eyes when paired with a monochrome makeup look adds that perfect moody and edgy aesthetic. The Lakmé Absolute Explore Eyeshadow Palette - Purple Haze is the best palette to achieve this look. It comes with unique high shimmer particle system that ensures the colour on your eyes is vibrant, smooth and long-lasting. 

How to Achieve the Look   

  1. Use a deeper pink shade such as ‘Teasel’ from the palette to define the crease. 

  1. Add the shimmery shade ‘Mystique’ to the lower part of your eyes, closer to your lash line. Blend both the shades well. 

  1. Use the same shade to highlight the brow bone. 

  1. Finish it off with a curling mascara

3. Dark blue smokey eye 

Ace that Winter Look with Lakme Absolute Eyeshadow

Do you want to do something different yet stick to your basics? This blue eyeshadow look is your right pick! This sultry eye makeup pairs beautifully with your ensemble and those cocktail parties. Get ready to receive a gazillion compliments! Use the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eyeshadow Palette - Desert Sunset to achieve this look.  

How to Achieve the Look   

  1. You can use the dark blue shade ‘Moonrise’ from the palette to create this beautiful smokey eye.  

  1. Take an eyeliner brush and draw thick lines with this shade along your upper lash line. 

  1. Smudge the line using a fluffy eye brush to diffuse the pigments and create a seamless finish.  

  1. Finish this look with a liquid eyeliner by drawing a thin line over the shadow and add loads of mascara

4. Glossy nude eyeshadow look 

Ace that Winter Look with Lakme Absolute Eyeshadow

Glossy lids are all in trend and how! There’s something about this wet eye makeup look that takes your eyeshadow game to another notch. You can achieve this look by using the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eyeshadow Palette - Purple Haze

How to Achieve the Look   

  1. Prep your lids with a concealer since glossy lids tend to crease. 

  1. Pick the shade ‘Mystique’ from the palette and apply it all over your lids. 

  1. Press the shade ‘Heather’ a lavender shade gently along the upper lash line for maximum colour payoff. 

  1. Take the same shade you used on your eyelid with a pencil brush and apply it on your lower lash line.  

  1. To finish off the look, use a transparent lip balm and gently press it on your eyelid. 

FAQs about winter eye makeup looks  

Which should be applied first- eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow? 

After applying eye shadow, use an eye liner to define your eyes. After curling your lashes, use mascara to add volume and drama. 

What causes an eye shadow to fade so quickly? 

If you use a good eye primer first, you will be able to smooth out your eyelids and minimize the possibility of your eyeshadow creasing as well. Additionally, you can use concealer to make your shadows more visible and stay on your lids for a longer period of time. 

Is it better to match the eye shadow colour to the clothes or the eyes? 

There is no set rule when it comes to the makeup look. It all depends on your own personal taste. It might be a bad idea to match everything too closely. Depending on your eye color and your clothing, you can experiment with different colors. It is all about the overall makeup and clothing look being coordinated together.