5 Beauty Lessons We Picked Up From Bollywood’s Gen Z Divas

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
5 beauty lessons we picked up from Bollywood’s Gen Z divas

Our love and obsession for Bollywood are evergreen and never-dying. Besides the movies, if there is one thing we equally obsess over is picking up new beauty tips from our beloved actresses. Be it, Madhuri Dixit, in the 90s or Janhvi Kapoor in 2021, we are forever on the lookout for beauty tips and tricks from the stars to look as amazing as them. And that’s why we have listed out five beauty lessons that you can learn from Bollywood’s Gen Z divas and add them to your routine today. Read on and thank us later!


01. Use onion juice for hair like Sara Ali Khan

Honey and avocado hair mask like Janhvi Kapoor

Yes, Sara trusts the age-old remedy for hair growth. The sulphur-rich onion helps make your hair strong by preventing hair loss and stimulating collagen production, which in turn helps with healthy skin cells and hair growth. So, if you wish for an envious mane like Sara, add onion juice to your hair care routine NOW!

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02. Add colour to your makeup like Ananya Panday

Honey and avocado hair mask like Janhvi Kapoor

While we love a good nude makeup look, there is no denying the fact that a pop of colour can take your look several notches higher. And Ananya Panday agrees with us on this! That’s why you will notice her using everything from pink eyeliner to bright green or red eyeshadow to add a dash of fun and glamour to her look.

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03. Coffee to exfoliate like Alaya F

Honey and avocado hair mask like Janhvi Kapoor

The gorgeous Alaya F whips up her own coffee scrub to exfoliate her skin and stimulate its lymphatic drainage. This helps reduce puffiness and inflammation on the skin and make it appear soft and smooth. She uses ground coffee, honey, olive oil, milk and gram flour to make this scrub at home. If you’re not a fan of DIYs or just too lazy, you can get your hands on a store-bought coffee scrub to do the trick.

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04. Highlight your features like Tara Sutaria

Honey and avocado hair mask like Janhvi Kapoor

One of the best beauty lessons we learnt from Tara Sutaria’s Instagram is making sure to focus on one feature while applying makeup. The idea is simple — strike a balance! If you're going for heavy, dark eye makeup, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup understated and simple. And if you decide to make your lips the focus of your look with a bold colour, then keep your eye and face makeup light and subtle.

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05. Honey and avocado hair mask like Janhvi Kapoor

Honey and avocado hair mask like Janhvi Kapoor

Good hair takes a lot of care and effort, and that’s exactly what Janhvi Kapoor does to keep her tresses looking A1. The young diva whips up her hair mask with ripe avocado, honey, egg and essential oil to hydrate, strengthen, condition and nourish her mane and keep it healthy and happy. If you’re a busy bee who has no time to whip up a mask, you can pick up a strengthening hair mask to make your locks healthy and shiny.

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