5 Eye Makeup Ideas From Bollywood’s Gen Z Divas That We're Digging This Festive Season

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 5 eye makeup ideas from Bollywood’s Gen Z divas that we're digging this festive season

Sure, we're eagerly awaiting some to make their debuts on the silver screen, but when it comes to their sartorial sensibilities and makeup looks? We're already in love. We’re talking about Bollywood's gen Z divas who have stirred up quite a storm on social media as they drop lewk after lewk, and we're here taking notes for inspiration.

And as the festive season draws closer, we're letting you in on our five favourite eye makeup looks from Bollywood's gen Z divas to get you all prepped up and ready for the occasion. Thank us later!


01. Subtle smoke show

05. Gloss bomb


Nothing says festive season quite like smokey eyes, and Khushi Kapoor's subtle smokey look is proof. Instead of going heavy on the black, play with warm tones of brown and a little bit of kohl, and blend it all together — you'll have an eye-catching yet simple look that'll go with just about any outfit.

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02. Reverse cat eye

05. Gloss bomb

If you're looking to step up from the same old, take notes from Sara Ali Khan and keep your lids bare. Opt for a reverse cat eyeliner instead, and make sure it matches your fit too. Talk about painting the town red.

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03. All that glitters

05. Gloss bomb

This is perhaps one of the easiest looks to pull off — and to recreate too! Take inspiration from Ananya Panday's simple, brown and gold eyeshadow. Start by using a light brown colour as a transition shade, and add a darker brown on the crease to create an ombre effect. Pat in some gold on the centre of your lids and voilà! You're done.

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04. Smudged liner

05. Gloss bomb

If you want a simple, low-effort eye makeup look, opt for this smudged liner by Janhvi Kapoor. She's not kept it all basic, BTW, she's opted for a bright plum shade to bring in the drama, and smudged the outer corners for a unique flair. We suggest you up the ante for your regular old eyeliner and do the same.

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05. Gloss bomb

05. Gloss bomb

Whether it's a huge family scene or a small gathering, glossy lids are fit for every festivity — and Shanaya Kapoor's look is all the proof you need. Simply swipe on your favourite eyeshadow colour on your lids, and top it off with your fave high-shine gloss. Brownie points if you match your lid shade to your lip shade, too.

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