Deepika Padukone is one superstar who never fails to impress us - be it her acting chops or her beauty game, we’re always wowed by this beautiful actress. We’re sure you too can’t help but drool over her stunning makeup looks and hairstyles every time she makes an appearance. Well, we happened to get a hold on the man behind her statement-worthy looks. It’s none other than hair and makeup artist Florian Hurel (@florianhurel).

Apart from glamming Deepika Padukone up, the HMU also has an impressive portfolio that consists of Bollywood biggies like Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai...the list goes on.

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with Be Beautiful, he spills the beans on Deepika’s skincare secrets, his favourite looks he has created on her and his best-kept hair and makeup hacks.

Read on as Florian chats with Be Beautiful about all things beauty - from his journey in the industry to the one hack he’s taught Deepika and more.

deepika padukones hmu artist florian hurel beauty secrets

BB: When did your love affair with makeup and hairstyling begin?

Florian: It began about 16 years ago. I have wanted to be a hair and makeup artist since I was 13 years old. 

deepika padukones hmu artist florian hurel beauty secrets

BB: Tell us about your journey. How did you make it to the film industry?

Florian: Back in France, I used to work as an assistant to the director of an international product brand. At that time, I used to work for actors and magazine cover shoots. 

BB: Who is your inspiration or role model that you look up to?

Florian: As a hair artist, I look up to artists like Odile Gilbert who has a large skill set and is working on the biggest ramp shows in the world. She has created looks that have gone viral all around the world. 

BB: Any makeup and hairstyling tips you would give to our 20-something readers.


  • Use waterproof makeup products; waterproof mascara is a must.
  • Line your lips and go for lip stains for long-lasting lip colour.
  • For hair, use dry shampoo to strip off excess oil and add instant volume.
  • Don’t brush your hair. Instead, keep it messy for the bed-head look that’s in-trend right now.

BB: A hairstyling trick for when we’re running late?

Florian: Sleep with your hair wrapped in a bun or braid and open it in the morning to get effortless and beautiful curls. 

deepika padukones hmu artist florian hurel beauty secrets

BB: You’ve worked with Deepika Padukone on several projects and are currently dolling her up for the promotions of Chhapaak. What are some of your favourite looks that you've created on her?  

Florian: I feel like I have created some of my best looks with her for the promotions. The nude makeup look and ponytail she sported with her pink floral outfit is my favourite.

BB: Describe her beauty look in 3 words. 

Florian: She is classy, elegant and always chic. 

deepika padukones hmu artist florian hurel beauty secrets

BB: Deepika experiments with her hair and makeup a lot. What do you keep in mind while creating a look for her?

Florian: I create a hair and makeup look according to the outfit. No hair and makeup should be done without being in sync with the styling team. Plus, I think Deepika can pull off anything - from a nice eye makeup to bold lips. She is someone who likes experimenting.

deepika padukones hmu artist florian hurel beauty secrets

BB: Is she more of an eye makeup person or a bold lip person?

Florian: Eye makeup!

BB: Tell us a beauty hack you’ve taught Deepika?

Florian: The one beauty hack I have taught her is to mix some highlighter in the foundation and I think she loves it. 

deepika padukones hmu artist florian hurel beauty secrets

BB: Can you share one of Deepika’s skincare secrets?

Florian: Overnight face masks. 

BB: A celebrity you'd like to see in your makeup chair? 

Florian: Kareena Kapoor Khan.

BB: Tell us about a hairstyling hack you swear by

Florian: Dry shampoo to get rid of excess oil in your hair and create volume.

BB: A hack to fix a bad hair day? 

Florian: Dry shampoo, again.

deepika padukones hmu artist florian hurel beauty secrets

BB: A haircut that’s going to be huge in 2020? 

Florian: The low bob.

BB: Tell us about a makeup trend that is on your radar. 

Florian: Liquid eyeshadow and warm, bronzed skin.

Image courtesy: Instagram