If you are anything like us, then we are sure you are addicted to watching endless makeup tutorials on YouTube. And if that is the case, then Mr. Jovita George is one name you’re probably familiar with. But for those of you who are not, she (no, the ‘she’ is not a mistake) is a really popular Indian vlogger who makes fun beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. But that’s not the only reason to watch her. Jovita is real, relatable and oh-so comfortable in her own skin that you can’t not love her.

Well, recently, Team BB caught up with Jovita to chat about all things beauty. From why you need to love your skin skin tone to the scoop on makeup products for dusky skinned girls, she was candid and how! Read on to find out all about her love for makeup, how she dealt with judgement on being dusky and everything in between.

BB: Tell us about your first ever experience with makeup.

JG: My first ever experience with makeup was when I discovered an eyeshadow palette that belonged to my aunt. I might’ve been around 10 years old.  I’ve always been an artist and this palette reminded me of a beautiful watercolour palette. I remember locking myself in the room and applying the colours all over my face, looking back at the mirror and thinking - WOW! COLOURS! I also used to read beauty magazines in my teenage years and try all of the makeup tips I learned on my sister and brother. Yep, I used to pin him down and apply makeup on him. Safe to say I always loved the transformative property of makeup!

BB: You’ve spoken quite openly about facing a stigma because of your skin colour. How did you learn to love your skin tone?

JG: I truly started loving my skin colour only when I started working with my Lebanese friends in Kuwait. They would constantly tell me how much they yearned for my skin colour and how much money and time they spend tanning to get my colour. And I remembered the years of conditioned staying away from sun to “avoid getting darker” that I did along with all my Indian friends. I realised how silly we were. And today, I wouldn’t want to be any other colour but mine!

BB: Most people think that makeup is about lightening your skin tone or making yourself look fairer. What's your take on this?

JG: Oh, you know what I’m about to say! Or if you don’t, I highly recommend watching a few beauty videos on my YouTube channel. Makeup is to enhance your God-given beauty, not to make you look like another race. And makeup is not necessary. It’s 100% a personal preference and choice.

BB: Have you noticed a difference in people's perception with respect to skin colour in India and the Middle East?

JG: Yes, I have. But a slow change. But I’ll take a slow change to no change at all!

Jovita George interview

BB: While starting out, did you ever use makeup to alter your skin tone?

JG: On my own YouTube channel, never! But I’ve had experiences when professional makeup artists have lightened my skin tone for modelling assignments. That used to embarrass me. Made me look grey and feel like I wasn’t good enough.

BB: The most obnoxious advice you've received for your skin colour.

JG: Don’t drink coffee. It will make you darker.

BB: 3 makeup essentials for girls with dusky skin.

JG: Concealer in two shades. Lipstick - a beautiful magenta shade, which can be used as blush and eyeshadow too. And mascara! 

BB: You've spoken about brands not hav* enough shades for dusky women. Have you ever thought of coming out with your own makeup line?

JG: I would love to do that!

Jovita George interview

BB: You have a huge YouTube following. What advice do you have for girls starting out a career on YouTube?

JG: Do not overthink it. Do not invest money in factors like camera and lights in the beginning. Find your passion, get creative, build your following. Once you feel you’re able to sustain yourself financially, start investing the money back into the quality of your videos (production wise). In the beginning all that matters is the content - true, genuine, entertaining and helpful.

BB: Name one YouTuber who inspires you.

JG: Shreya Jain. I admire her hard work and her ethics.

BB: One makeup trend you're currently crushing over.

JG: Oh, give me that highlighter; let me bathe in it!

Jovita George interview

BB: Take us through your go-to makeup routine in a step-by-step format.  

JG: For every day, I spend my time on my skincare routine. Then pop on concealer under my eyes, quick lipstick-blush action, mascara and I’m done! My full face makeup is a whole process and definitely not an everyday thing.

BB: What led you to become a YouTuber? And what are your future plans?

JG: When I started on YouTube, we didn’t have many Indian beauty YouTubers and NO darker girls. I saw a gap there and I wanted to fill it. Especially to spread confidence to my Indian girls and to teach them that we can apply makeup and look absolutely gorgeous too! So that’s where I started and I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey. I haven’t thought too much about the future.

Image courtesy: Instagram