From honest product reviews to drop-dead gorgeous beauty looks and everything in between, YouTube sensation Aanam Chashmawala is truly a social media star. Being a makeup junkie herself, Aanam’s got some really cool tips, tricks and hacks up her sleeve. If you’ve been a subscriber to her YouTube channel, you’d know that her get-ready-with-me and get-unready-with-me videos have something for everyone, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist.

We caught up with this beauty ninja and got her to dish that beauty scoop. From her favourite look to her go-to products, here’s all the dope.

beauty  onfessions featuring blogger aanam chashmawala

BB: The one person you follow on Instagram for beauty inspiration.

AC: Tamanna Roashan (@dressyourface)               

BB: What brings you greatest satisfaction? Voluminous lashes or chiseled jawline.

AC: Both. I just cannot pick one.

beauty  onfessions featuring blogger aanam chashmawala

BB: One makeup trend every woman should try at least once in her life.

AC: Extra extra extra lashes.

BB: Tell us the last three beauty products you purchased.

AC: Highlighter, false lashes and concealer.

BB: If you had to spend a month on a deserted island, which three beauty products would you carry along with you?

AC: Eyebrow pencil, blush and lip balm.

beauty  onfessions featuring blogger aanam chashmawala

BB: If you could be a beauty product, what would you be and why?

AC: Extra extra lashes because they make look everything extra extra amazing!

BB: Rate these five beauty products, fifth being your least favourite: serum, lipstick, mascara, sunscreen, highlighter.

AC: #1: Lipstick, #2: Mascara, #3: Highlighter, #4: Serum, #5: Sunscreen

beauty  onfessions featuring blogger aanam chashmawala

BB: On a regular day, how many hair products do you use?

AC: Three products: dry shampoo, heat-protectant spray and holding spray.

BB: One celebrity who always has her makeup on point.

AC: Aditi Rao Hydari. I think her makeup artist Elton Fernandes does a fabulous job on her.

Image courtesy: Instagram