Do you go all-out when you do your makeup, do you stick to the classic minimalistic approach or are you makeup rookie who does not know what winged-liner means? What does your makeup habits and salon patterns say about you?

Take this quiz and find out your beauty personality!

Q. Your idea of sun protection is:

A.  A long sleeved shirt and full pants

B. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a scarf

C.  Salon visit to get a de-tan

Q. How often do you blow-dry your hair?

A. Never! Blow-drying causes heat damage!

B. Only during special occasions

C. Every morning, on a low setting

Q. How many shades of lipstick do you own?

A. I don’t apply lipsticks

B. 3-4 different shades

C. Can’t even count…

Q. You never leave your house without:

A. A lip balm and kajal

B. Mascara, a little blush and lipstick

C. Full makeup – you never know who you are going to bump into!

Q. Your last trip to the salon was:

A. Don’t remember

B. About 2 months ago

C. About 2 weeks ago

Q. Beauty product that you always carry in your bag:

A. Let me check… none!

B. A kajal and lip balm

C. I carry my makeup kit with me

Q. Your monthly makeup budget?

A. Less than 500

B. 2000-4000

C. Don’t even ask…I can’t count

You’ve completed the quiz!


Mostly As

Mostly As

Natural Nancy. You like keeping your makeup simple and stick to the barely-there makeup like Alia Bhatt!


Mostly Bs

Mostly Bs

Moderate Mary. You like applying makeup, but like it in the pink-peach shade range. You like sticking to the classics like Anushka Sharma!


Mostly Cs

Mostly Cs

All-out Alice. You live, breathe and dream makeup and go the full nine yards and look like a diva even when you are out walking your dog! You have the beauty personality of the one and only Kareena Kapoor Khan!