A tête-à-tête with celebrity makeup artist Arti Nayar

written by Fatema Habib on Jul 08, 2019

From working as an assistant stylist to now being one of the top celebrity makeup artists in the country, Arti Nayar has come a long way! If you look up to actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra and Sara Ali Khan for makeup inspo, then Arti is the one behind those drop-dead makeup looks.

In a conversation with Be Beautiful, Nayar talks about her love affair with makeup, what sets her apart from other makeup artists and how she made it big in Bollywood. Read on...

BB: When did your love affair with makeup begin?

AN: It began about 9 years ago when I actually did a course with Bharat & Dorris. I learnt my basic fundamental makeup from there and then I did a lot of research as to who I wanted to work with. That’s when I came across Namrata Soni’s work and I really, really related to that kind of makeup because I wanted to do more skin-oriented work and have a natural approach to makeup. Namrata’s work resonated with the kind of work that I wanted to do. So, as soon as I met Namrata, my love affair with makeup started and I decided that this is exactly what I want to do.

BB: Who is the first actress you worked with?

AN: Sonam Kapoor is the first actress I ever worked with. I met Sonam Kapoor and Namrata Soni during the making of Aisha and post that I slowly started building my career in makeup. Both Sonam and Namrata guided me throughout.

BB: What do you love about bridal makeup?

AN: Bridal makeup has got a modern approach. Today, there are brides who want to keep it natural, simple and look like herself on her wedding day. But then there are also those brides who are willing to take the risk and do something fun and interesting. So, I like the challenges that bridal makeup brings with it. No bride is ever the same and everyone wants to try out different things yet keep it simple. And that’s what keeps the game interesting.

BB: What sets you apart from other celebrity makeup artists?

AN: I don’t know what sets me apart, but I know that my style and approach to makeup is very skin-oriented. I like doing Avant-garde and fashion too. But what really resonates with me is skin tone and features. I think that the basis of my makeup and everything I believe in is basically based on how you work with different skin tones and how to keep it very natural and easy. I believe in just accentuating my client/actress’ best features. I never go OTT and always prefer to keep it simple and easy.

BB: Is it challenging to create statement looks especially when it comes to styling Sonam Kapoor?

AN: In a creative field like ours, I feel like what I find creative, another person may not. What I think is ethereal and beautiful, another person may not. So, I feel like the challenge is to create something that is beautiful, interesting yet a little different.

While sometimes it works, at other times it doesn’t. So that keeps it interesting, it pushes us to create more amazing and unique looks. Sonam is quite experimental herself, that really helps a makeup artist like me to push the bar higher because things get interesting when you have someone who believes in you and allows you to do so much, it really gets your creative mind flowing.

BB: Tell us about your best bridal project till date?

AN: All my brides thankfully have been really lovely, they’ve been wonderful young girls. I’ve had a lot of fun being part of their special day. I think brides today are super chilled out, there is no bridezilla concept. Every bride that I style has something interesting about her, her story which is a lot of fun. I love how they trust our opinion, our judgement because at the end of the day, these are all simple girls who want to look really, really beautiful on their special day. So, the kind of trust they show, it’s very heart-warming. Also, I always meet my bride and get to know her before I confirm anything.

BB: What makeup advice do you have for our readers for the monsoons?

AN: Keep it simple, take care of your skin, always wash your hands, cleanse your face, keep it super hygienic because there are germs around, it’s humid, you tend to sweat a lot. So, keep it really simple, don’t do too much makeup, don’t do too much foundation, just keep it really light and breathable.

BB: One makeup trend that needs to die and one that needs to make a comeback.

AN: Personally, one makeup trend that I think needs to die and is not-so relevant right now is the weird eyebrow trend—curly, braided, feathered, squiggly brows. I mean, it’s experimental and whacky but as a makeup trend, I didn’t love it. One makeup trend that needs to make a comeback and which I think is already coming back is the use of colour. I think our love for colour is coming back like the 70s and 80s when they used to go crazy with colourful makeup and eyeshadow. I love colour!

BB: Give us 3 essential bridal makeup tips that every bride needs to take notes of.

AN: Firstly, take care of your skin, always keep it hydrated, don’t do too many facials, clean-ups or peels before your D-day. Keep it simple, use home remedies and drink a lot of water. Secondly, keep your bridal makeup really ethereal and beautiful. Just because it’s a long day, doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Keep it simple yet striking and beautiful. And lastly, always wear a smile and don’t stress too much.

Image courtesy: Artist’s Instagram account (@artinayar)