Deepika Padukone And Her Glam Team Spill Her Beauty Secrets. Take Notes, Girls!

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Deepika Padukone and her glam team spill her beauty secrets. Take notes, girls!

If there’s one actress who deserves a huge shout-out for her evolving beauty game, it has to be… Main Aagar Kahoon Tumsa Haseen, Kaynaat Mein Nai Hai Kahin, Tareef Yeh Bhi To Sach Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi -- no points for guessing... it’s the supremely talented and uber stunning Deepika Padukone. Be it her red-carpet appearances, chat shows, airport looks or her smokin’ hot desi looks, the diva never fails to slay!

We’ve seen Deepika pull off the riskiest looks (recalling her Cannes look from earlier this year) with as much aplomb as any of her basic airport looks. When you see her in a gorgeous saree and sleek bun at one event and then in an OTT frill gown with a thick cat-eye at another, you know how versatile she can be. Even with her minimalistic approach to makeup, Deepika’s beauty game has always been the highlight of her look. If we had to describe this beauty in one word, we’d say classy!

Now if you’ve always been curious to know more about Dippy’s on-fleek hair and makeup game (just like us), then you’re in for a treat. In an episode with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress along with her hair and makeup artists, spilled some of her beauty secrets. Read on to find out what they are.


Deepika does her own eyebrows

Cocktail was an eye-opener for Deepika

Sounds unbelievable, right? If you’ve been taking notes on Deepika Padukone’s makeup game, you’d know that the one thing that is always on point is her eyebrows. Her perfectly filled-in, arched brows give us life each time she makes an appearance. Her makeup artist Sandhya Shekar who’s been working with her for more than two years reveals that Deepika never let’s her touch her brows, and she doesn’t mind ‘cause the actress does a great job all by herself.


Skin imperfections don’t bother her

Cocktail was an eye-opener for Deepika

It’s no news that Deepika Padukone’s go-to makeup look is the no-makeup makeup look. But, did you know that the actress is not big on foundation either? A full-coverage foundation may tend to get cakey, and that’s what makes Deepika feel uncomfortable. In fact, she doesn’t mind her skin imperfections such as discoloration and freckles showing through. Her makeup artist uses only about two drops of foundation while creating a look for her.


Deepika hated centre-parted hair

Cocktail was an eye-opener for Deepika

Yes, we are surprised too! Most of Deepika Padukone’s hairstyles are created with a centre parting especially when it comes to buns. But, the actress herself revealed that when she started out, she hated parting her hair down the middle. Her hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou who also worked with her to create all her wedding looks revealed how they settled for bun-styles for most of her ceremonies. A sleek, sturdy bun would keep hair off the face and also hold all the jewellery together.


Deepika’s makeup looks are inspired from the runways and editorials

Cocktail was an eye-opener for Deepika

Whether it’s a graphic eyeshadow or a wet-hair hairstyle, the best part about all her experimental looks is the confidence with which she can carry it off. Sandhya reveals that while deciding on a look for the actress, she takes cues from the runways as well as some iconic and statement editorial looks. Because Deepika loves warmer tones and hues that are closer to her skin tone, there’s always a minimal approach when it comes to doing her makeup.


Cocktail was an eye-opener for Deepika

Cocktail was an eye-opener for Deepika

Deepika’s beauty game has seen an amazing evolution, no doubt. However, it was her 2012 film Cocktail that actually brought about a huge change in the way she dressed, spoke and conducted herself out in the media. In fact, it was her character Veronica that helped her evolve and made her comfortable with herself. That’s the year when she started experimenting with fashion and beauty.

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