I’ll be honest; I love makeup but there’s a foundation sitting in my cupboard which I only care to reach out for when I really want to glam up, cue: parties and weddings. There are girls whose everyday makeup routine is incomplete without a perfect layer of foundation, but not me.

Maybe you are just like me who doesn’t like a heavy base or maybe your foundation got over and you need to look picture-perfect. Whatever it is that has brought you here, I am going to help you achieve that flawless base without a foundation. Here’s how you can get a flawless makeup base without a foundation in quick, simple steps.        

how to make base look flawless without foundation

Step 1: Moisturise your face

Before starting your base makeup, make sure your skin is well moisturised. Since you won’t be using a foundation, your skin can end up looking patchy and dry if not moisturised properly. Cleanse your face and slather on a light moisturiser and then start with the first step of your makeup.

how to make base look flawless without foundation

Step 2: Use a primer

A primer is the unsung makeup hero you need in your kitty whether or not you plan on wearing a foundation. It does half the job of giving you a naturally flawless base by lightening spots and scars, fixing large pores and prepping your skin for the rest of the products you’ll be applying. Take a pea-size amount of the primer and dab it on your face.

how to make base look flawless without foundation

Step 3: Apply BB cream

You can swap a heavy-duty foundation with a lightweight BB cream. It acts as a colour corrector, foundation and concealer and helps you achieve a flawless base without looking OTT. Take a dime-size amount of BB cream and apply it in dots all over your face. Blend with your fingers or brush to get an even finish and spotless skin. 

how to make base look flawless without foundation

Step 4: Conceal the blemishes

Time to work the art of camouflaging your dark circles, visible spots and acne scars! Take a stick or liquid concealer and apply it on your under-eye area, acne scars, redness, pigmentation and blemishes. Blend well so there are no visible lines. 

how to make base look flawless without foundation

Step 5: Set it with a powder

Last but not the least, to get an even finish and lock in your concealer, buff some loose setting powder on your face using a face brush. Opt for a compact powder or setting powder in a similar shade of your skin tone to do the job. It will give you light coverage, matte finish and tie the whole base makeup together. And there you have a flawless base without foundation. 

Image courtesy: Instagram