Selfie Lovers! Here Are 5 Makeup Hacks To Get Perfect Wedding Pictures

Written by Nida SayyedSep 16, 2023
Selfie lovers! Here are 5 makeup hacks to get perfect wedding pictures

The wedding season is a tiring season! But if you are a selfie enthusiast and an enthu cutlet when it comes to wedding pictures, this is just the story for you. Whether you’re the one getting married or just attending weddings, your wedding pictures need to be perfect! We all want to look our best at these weddings but we often notice our pictures don’t do justice to us.

Well, here’s how you can look perfect in those wedding selfies, by simply following these skincare and makeup hacks...

Exfoliate and moisturise well

Exfoliation is key to a smooth canvas for your makeup. Make sure you exfoliate your skin before makeup and apply a good moisturiser that will hold your makeup together. This way you will glow through the evening and your pictures will look perfect.


Easy on highlighter

Practise multiple looks, multiple times

It’s very easy to look like a disco ball in photographs taken with flash on, when you have an intense highlighter on your face. So use a subtle highlighter and go for a natural glowy look. Try using liquid illuminators in place of powder highlights. Use it under your base makeup for a subtle glow that is not overpowering.

Stick to your favourite products

Stick to the products you love and trust. You might’ve bought fancy new products for the special day but don’t use them the first time for the wedding. Go for products that you know will work for you. Stick to your staple makeup to avoid any last minute makeup blunders. You don’t know which new product will give you a flash or fine lines in pictures.


Practise multiple looks, multiple times

Practise multiple looks, multiple times

Look for inspiration and practise the looks by yourself. Go through magazines and pick out makeup looks you like. Look for makeup tutorials of celebrity looks and practise them all. Practise because harsh blending escapes no camera.

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