Rarely do we come across a look so wild that it suddenly makes sense and we wonder why we hadn’t thought it before. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja gave us one such moment when she stepped out wearing a Rohit Bal creation and paired it with corn-row braids. And to add to this unconventional look, she wore a gorgeous, big maang tika at the centre of her corn-rows.


For all those girls who loved this look and want to try this with your traditional outfits and maang tikas, here is how to get the hair style.

Sonam Kapoor corn rows

Step 01

Start by detangling your hair. Take a middle partition using the tail end of a rattail comb. (These are the combs with a sharp, metallic tail)

Step 02

Use the tail end of the comb to section hair. The size and thickness of each section depends on how thick you want your braids to be.

Sonam Kapoor corn rows

Step 03

Start working on each section one by one. Take one section of hair right at the hairline, close to your scalp, and divide it into three sections and start braiding, as you would normally braid your hair.

Step 04

As you are braiding, add hair from the section into the braid. This makes sure your cornrow sticks close to the scalp. Every time you take a piece of hair to braid, gently pull some hair from the section and add it the braid.

Sonam Kapoor corn rows

Step 05

Continue to braid till the crown of your head and secure it with transparent elastic bands. Repeat with each section of hair you have partitioned.

Step 06

After creating the corn-rows, tie all the loose hair into a low bun.

Step 07

Create gorgeously deep smoky eyes and adorn your forehead with a statement maang tika and make some hearts skip beats!

Image courtesy: Instagram