Bronzer is a beauty weapon that when used right can amp up your makeup game like no other. The true purpose of a bronzer is to warm up your face and not add colour to it.

A dust of shimmery bronzer can give you a warm, Deepika Padukone-esque glow in just a couple of minutes and we are going to show you exactly how you can achieve it. Here’s an insanely easy tutorial to help you get that sun-kissed glow using a bronzer.


How to:

How to:

Step 01: Prep your skin and do your base makeup, as usual, using your foundation and concealer. Pick a shimmery bronzer that’s one shade darker than your skin tone.

Step 02: Swirl the brush in the bronzer and swipe it across your cheekbones, your temples and forehead, basically all the areas where the sun hits your face. For a more sculpted look, sweep the bronzer across your jawline too. Blend well for a natural and seamless finish.

Step 03: Top it with some highlighter if you feel the need to add an extra dose of glow. Lock the base makeup with a setting spray.

Voila! You’re glowing for the gods, girl.

Image courtesy: Instagram