If Their Beloved Makeup Products Spoke To These Bollywood Celebs...

Written by Ami PalanSep 16, 2023
If their beloved makeup products spoke to these Bollywood Celebs...

Have you ever loved your makeup product so much that you have imagined them having conversations with you? Well, when you are a beauty fanatic of that intensity, it is possible to have imaginary makeup friends! So imagine this scenario! Imagine what their favourite makeup products must have to say to the celebrities who binge use them!

Curious? Here is a fun, imaginary take on what these makeup products have to say to these Bollywood celebrities...


Contour stick to Kareena Kapoor Khan

Blush to Jacqueline Fernandez

Bebo’s contouring game is always on point.  If her contour stick could talk, it would definitely say this to her...

“Tum apni hi nahi, meri bhi favourite ho!”


Highlighter to Deepika Padukone

Blush to Jacqueline Fernandez

If we ever made a trip to outer space, we are sure Deepika Padukone’s highlighter would definitely shine and glow through the space and scream this...

“Ek chutki highlighter ki keemat tum hi jaano, Deepika!”


Her eyeshadow palette to Shraddha Kapoor

Blush to Jacqueline Fernandez

Shraddha Kapoor definitely lets her eyes do all the talking.

Her eyeshadow palette is definitely the hero in her makeup love story...

Har love story mein aik hero hota hai (eyeshadow palette) and ek heroine (Shraddha Kapoor)"


Red lipstick to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Blush to Jacqueline Fernandez

Aishwariya’s red lipstick is no more just a look for her, it’s her identity. If her lipstick could talk to her, it’d say...

“Main tumhari zaroorat hi nahi ... khwaish bhi banna chahti hoon!”


Blush to Jacqueline Fernandez

Blush to Jacqueline Fernandez

When it comes to Jacqueline's favourite makeup products, her blush will definitely win the Race! Her blush would definitely say this to her...

“Tumhe blush karta hua dekh Mujhe KICK milti hai!”

After this if you start imagining conversations with your makeup products, do let us know.

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