Matching your nails to the colour of your lipstick is no news. However, the beauty world has now been introduced to an even better trend that promises to take your glamour quotient to a whole new level. We are talking about matchy-matchy tips and lids. Coordination has become key in the makeup department.

Gone are the days when you matched your outfit with your bag and shoes. Today, it’s all about matching your lipstick, nails and eye makeup with your outfit and slayin’. So, don’t be surprised when you spot matchy-matchy all around you.

The good news is that celebrities have already started experimenting with this peculiar trend. And to be honest, there’s no better source of makeup inspo than these divas. One such Hollywood star who’s been rocking the matching lids and tips trend is none other than the uber gorgeous Jennifer Lopez.

JLo’s nail artist Tom Bachik posted a picture of the diva on his Instagram profile. The actress is seen flaunting her freshly manicured nails in lavender which matches her eye makeup to a T. We never thought this trend could look so good until we saw JLo pull it off with so much panache.

We know we are going to give matchy-matchy tips and lids a shot. Are you?