On 31st January, Be Beautiful hosted its first-ever beauty event at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune, The Be Beautiful Beauty Blowout, a treat for makeup lovers. From blogger-approved tips and hacks to lessons about contouring and controlling oily T-zone, we got beauty maven Debasree Banerjee to cover everything you’d ever wanted to know about getting your makeup right.

At the Be Beautiful Beauty Boot Camp, Debasree spilled the beans on some of her personal makeup hacks that you certainly don’t want to miss!

Here are 5 makeup lessons from Debasree Banerjee.

bb blowout 5 makeup tips beauty blogger debasree

Lesson #01: Multi-tasking your makeup products

Debasree, who’s always got her makeup game going strong gave away a super cool hack at the Be Beautiful Beauty Boot Camp. You’ll be surprised to know that the blogger makes her liquid lipstick multitask like a boss. She uses it not just as a lipstick but also as an eyeliner. Yes, you read that right!

Lesson #02: Contouring 101

Going a little overboard with contour powder to get some Instagrammable images is fine, after all it is going to look natural on camera. However, if you step out with oodles of contour powder, it is going to look super heavy and OTT. To tone it down a notch, Debasree Banerjee suggests using a clean brush or sponge and just dab a little over your cheeks to reduce the intensity.

bb blowout 5 makeup tips beauty blogger debasree

Lesson #03: Eye makeup tips for hooded eyes

Got hooded eyes? Beauty blogger Debasree Banerjee has a million-dollar tip for you. She suggests going a little beyond your crease line to apply your eyeshadow. Only then will your eyeshadow pop when you open your eyes.

Lesson #04: The best lighting to do your makeup

Girls, if you want your makeup to look natural and beautiful when you step out and not cakey and uneven, then here’s a Debasree-approved makeup tip that’s going to help you look like a million bucks. The blogger who’s got some applaud-worthy makeup skills suggest that the best lighting in which you should do your makeup is natural light. Sit somewhere near the window so that you can clearly see the colours as well as coverage while doing your makeup.

Lesson #05: Tips for an oily T-zone

Let’s admit it! Oily T-zone is one of the main concerns for most girls with oily or combination skin. Debasree spills two makeup tips to keep the oiliness at bay. First, she suggests always using a primer before going in with your foundation. And second, she recommends using a setting powder to lock in your base makeup.

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