Instagrammers have taken a newfound interest in supermodel Naomi Campbell during the lockdown. We track this spike in popularity from one of her airport looks from earlier this year when she was decked from head to toe in PPE gear.

But, true fashionistas will attest to this… Naomi has always been unique in her approach to beauty and fashion. And turns out she has a neat concealer trick up her sleeve as well. Sharing her makeup routine with her fans, Naomi showcased how she uses four different concealer shades to create her signature glowing complexion. Check it out...

naomi campbell concealer hack

How to:

Here is a step-by-step guide to recreating Naomi’s glow with concealer:

Step 01: Collect your shades: To recreate Naomi’s glow, you’ll need four shades of concealers, going from light to dark. Make sure the darkest shade is your exact match and there the progression from light to dark in minimal.

Step 02: Start applying the lightest shade: Start by applying the lightest shade under your eyes, the centre of your forehead and on your chin. The idea is to brighten up the centre of your face with this step.

Step 03: Follow up with one shade darker: Now, take a shade darker and apply it under the light concealer. Blend together with the lighter shade. 

Step 03: Apply the next shade: Apply concealer number three just below the under-eye layers and your hairline. This is how you can add depth to your face. Blend it in with the previous light layer and take the product into your hairline.

Step 04: Apply the darkest shade: Now, take the darkest shade and apply it over your upper lip, around the mouth and just above the lighter concealer on the centre of your forehead. Blend everything with an angled sponge. 

Step 05: Seal everything in with some powder before you move on to doing the rest of your makeup. Use a translucent formula like the Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder for a flawless finish! 

Image courtesy: @naomi