Pointers We Picked Up From Bollywood Celebrity Makeup Artist Arti Nayar’s Ig Account

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Pointers we picked up from Bollywood celebrity makeup artist Arti Nayar’s IG account

The story begins with our favourite fashion and beauty enfant terrible, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. She has been giving us one stunning look after another and when we dug a little deeper, we found the person behind all the ‘everyday phenomenal’ looks. Meet makeup artist to the stars, Arti Nayar, who is behind some of the more memorable Bollywood makeup looks we have had in the recent past. She has worked on some of Bollywood’s most famous faces, and each look is better than the next!

We dived into Arti’s Instagram feed and came up with these pointers, which we are sure will benefit you!


Play with colours

Pair bold colours together

Notice the subtle yellow and blue inner corner highlights on the pink eye lid? When you use colours on your eyes, you don’t need much else in terms of colour. So keep the rest of your face minimal and neutral.


Minimal makeup requires flawless base

Pair bold colours together

If minimal makeup is your thing, then make sure you take care of your skin all through the year. A face base is only flawless when done on well-moisturised, hydrated skin.


Conceal around your lips for a ‘pop’

Pair bold colours together

After you are done applying your lip liner and lipstick, take a flat brush and use a little concealer to define and sharpen the outline of your lips. This will make your lip colour ‘pop’.


Eyebrows are never to be neglected

Pair bold colours together

Well-defined and filled in brows frame the face beautifully. Especially when you plan to dress traditional, make sure you highlight your full brows as they will make your ‘bindi’ look especially attractive!


Pair bold colours together

Pair bold colours together

We love this lime green outfit on Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and we think it bold that she paired it with a bold red lip! Simple, tied back hair and winged liner keep the balance of the look.

Image courtesy: Instagram

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