The last few days have been spent blissfully looking at the pictures from Priyanka Chopra’s bridal shower. She was seen partying away in NYC with some of her closest friends, mother and future mother-in-law. Also present were her friends, Marchesa, Louboutin and Tiffany. By that we mean her dreamy Marchesa gown, the glittery Tiffany’s diamonds and understatedly elegant Louboutin nude heels.

We decoded her bridal shower look for you, and while doing that, we spotted a makeup trick she always uses to amp up her look. Here we give you two of her looks from this year, can you tell what her trick is? Hint: It’s in the eyes!

Priyanka chopra

Noticed it yet? She uses glitter on her lower lash line to add extra bling on her eyes. The left picture is from the Met Gala held in May 2018 and the picture on the right is from her bridal shower in Oct 2018.

Priyanka chopra

For her Met Gala look, her makeup artist, Pati Dubroff used a golden shimmery eyeshadow all over her upper eye lid and lined her lower lash line with the same.

Priyanka chopra

For her bridal shower look, Pati used a silver glittery eyeshadow on her upper lid and along her lower lash line.

You can use this trick to make your eyes look extra special for special occasions and festive events. We understand working with glitter makeup is the not the easiest, with the fallout and messy removal process. So we bring you a list of things to keep in mind when you are using glitter makeup.

Step 01

Prep and prime your eye area with foundation, concealer and lastly with an eye shadow primer.

Step 02

Line your eyes as you normally would on both the upper and lower lash line.

Step 03

Spray a small brush with some makeup setting spray and dip it in the glitter eyeshadow. Blow on it to remove the excess eyeshadow. Dab the brush on the eye lid and cover the entire area you want to apply glitter on. Let it dry. Sweep the same brush along your lower lash line, depositing the glitter.

Note: Liquid or cream glittery eyeshadows work better than powder based ones. Always apply a lighter shimmery shade below the eye brows for definition.

Image courtesy: Instagram