Young, vivacious and truly millennial, makeup artist Mausam Gandhi (aka @makeupbymausam on Instagram) has been quite an Instagram rage of late. Go-to MUA for popular influencers like Santoshi Shetty, Shereen Sikka and Masoom Minawala, Mausam has really carved a niche for herself in the Indian beauty circuit.

If you’ve fallen in love Santoshi’s edgy eye makeup or drooled over Masoom’s dewy AF base, then you know who to thank for it. And lucky for you, we at BeBeautiful got this makeup wizard to talk about her love affair with makeup, her inspiration behind creating such stunning looks, and everything in between. Read on.


BB: As a makeup artist, what’s the one thing you love most about makeup?

MG: How your personality can show through a makeup look!

BB: Who is the one celebrity whose makeup you absolutely loved doing?

MG: Sagarika Ghatge; she was so chill to work with! And she absolutely loved my work. We clicked so well and I love working with easy people.


BB: You are famous in the blogger circuit. What is your inspiration when you do makeup for influencers like Santoshi, Maasoom and Shereen as all of them have a different take on beauty?

MG: Each of them are so different! I keep in mind to bring out their individual personalities through their looks even if it’s all fashion makeup. You can’t just randomly do any fashion look, it needs planning and I know exactly what each of them would love and look good in.

BB: What has been your biggest challenge as a makeup artist?

MG: Stopping myself from buying every new makeup product available in the market.


BB: Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing makeup?

MG: The most common is when I conduct personal grooming workshops, the way people’s faces light up seeing the best versions of their faces with just a little makeup. It’s priceless! They tell me they didn’t know they could look so good so easily with just 10 minutes of using makeup.

BB: Is there a makeup secret you have learnt on the job that you did not know of before?

MG: Oh lots! But the best one is using a spoolie with Vaseline to keep those baby hairs away. I also use Vaseline as highlighter on my cheekbones when I want it to look natural

BB: I have 5 minutes to do my makeup. What can I do that would make the most difference?

MG: Concealer for sure, a tint that you can use on your cheeks and lips, and some mascara.


BB: Other than graphic eyeliner, what are some eye makeup looks we can try this festive season?

MG: I’d not suggest graphic liners for festivals as most relatives might find it odd. Use colours and glitters - they’ve come back in fashion after the longest time!

BB: What are some makeup products that a girl should never be caught without?

MG: Mascara for sure, blush and concealer.


BB: Is there any one look that you think looks good on all girls?

MG: Yes, a dewy base, pink flushed cheeks, lots of mascara and a tinted lip.

BB: What is a fail-proof makeup hack that you swear by for dewy, glowing skin?

MG: Do not powder! In short, don’t mattify your makeup, just leave it dewy.

BB: What should one keep in mind when doing makeup for mature skin?

MG: Less is more! For real. Don’t use coloured eye shadows, stick to medium brows.

BB: What is an easy way to cover acne scars with makeup without it looking cakey?

MG: Use a good thick concealer from a good brand. The better the brand, the less cakey it will look.


BB: According to you, what are the common makeup mistakes that women make and how to rectify them?

Using the wrong shade of foundation is big no-no. Instead of getting the foundation shade checked at a store, get it checked with a professional makeup artist.

BB: Lastly, what message about beauty do you want to convey to our readers?

I know a lot of you are scared and think makeup looks too much. But that’s not true. If you learn how to use it correctly, not only will it look super natural, but also change your look for different occasions. It’s quite fun if done the right way.

Image courtesy: Instagram