5 Beauty Resolutions You Need To Make Before The New Year Kicks In

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 beauty resolutions you need to make before the New Year kicks in

When this year comes to an end in a few days, we won’t just be starting a new year, but a new decade as well. (Holy sh*t! That went by quick.) Before you start hyperventilating about all the things you haven’t accomplished, we suggest you take a deep breath and look forward to a fresh start. And by that we mean, make some New Year resolutions.  

Now what do beauty junkies do when they’re jotting down their resolutions? Include all the beauty goals they have for themselves of course. (C’mon, no judgement guys).

If you’re unsure of what resolutions your list should have, then this article will give you the start you need. These resolutions are really simple to stick to and follow every day. Read on now, but don’t forget to thank us later!


1. Extend your skincare routine to your body as well

5.	Stop using expired products

Most of us are really diligent when it comes to caring for the skin on our face. But what about the skin our body? Just like you nurture the skin on your face, you must extend the same care and nourishment to the rest of your body too. Start with moisturising and applying sunscreen to your neck and chest area. Additionally, it is really important to moisturise your hands and feet too, as this area starts to show the first signs of ageing.


2. Never sleep with makeup on

5.	Stop using expired products

Let’s repeat this statement together – Never sleep with makeup on. This is one of the biggest beauty mistakes you could ever make. Sleeping with makeup on tends to clog pores and lead to acne and other serious skin infections, and you definitely don’t want that, do you?

No matter how tired you are, always take two minutes out to clean your face of any makeup or dirt and slather on some moisturiser, so that you wake up to beautiful, soft skin.


3. Allow your natural hair to shine through

5.	Stop using expired products

This New Year, resolve to give your heat-styling tools a break as much as possible and let your natural hair down. Trust us, this little step will go a long way in ensuring that your hair remains healthy and strong for years to come. Frequent heat-styling only dries out your strands and makes them brittle and prone to breakage. Allow your hair to grow longer and stronger in 2020.


4. Regularly clean your makeup brushes

5.	Stop using expired products

This is one thing a lot of us are too lazy to do on a regular basis. But girls, if you want clear and glowing skin, this is something you need to get into the habit of doing. Dirty makeup brushes can clog your pores and lead to acne as well as skin infections. So, remember to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week to maintain both, the health of your skin as well as the shelf life of the brushes.


5. Stop using expired products

5.	Stop using expired products

How many times have you read this line, yet chosen to pay no attention to the expiry date of the makeup and skincare products you own? Girls, this New Year, resolve to throw away products as soon as they reach their expiry date; it will save you from a truckload of skin problems in the future. And if the label is worn, we suggest you check out this guide to find out whether your products have expired or not.  

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