3 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Nails

Written by Team BBSep 09, 2016
3 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Nails
Ever wondered why your nails are breaking constantly? Blame this on lack of proteins in your meals or the absence of moisture in your nails. If you wish to have happy, healthy nails, here are some easy things to keep in mind as far as nail care is concerned.

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Keep nails moisturised

Moisturising may not help nails grow but they certainly help in keeping the nails from breaking. If you’ve been suffering from brittle nails for a while now, your nails might need moisturizing. So ensure that you moisturise the cuticles from time to time. You can also apply some olive oil to keep them from breaking often.

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Wear rubber gloves while dealing with water

If you’ve just got the perfect manicure and don’t want your nails to go through any kind of trauma, wear rubber gloves while running errands like doing the dishes or laundry. This will protect the nails against chemicals usually found in soaps that can cause nails to break.

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Add proteins in your diet

While taking external care of your nails is rather important, it is even more necessary to load up your meals with proteins because they are known to keep the nails hard and strong. So if you want your nails to stay pretty, make sure you have enough lentils, eggs, tofu and nuts in your diet.

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