Ageing is inevitable (damn it).

The only F word that women in their late 20s dread is… fine lines! While you can’t escape ageing, there are ways to slow down the process or conceal those pesky signs of growing old. Yes, you read that right. A few sneaky tricks and some extra care for your skin can help you look several years younger. Wanna know what they are? Scroll below to find out…


01. Switch to cream products

01.	Switch to cream products

Powders make your skin look dry and your base patchy, crinkly and cakey. On the other hand, cream and liquid products ensure smooth application and seamless finish and prevent your base makeup from cracking and creasing. Bonus points to cream blushers for lending that youthful glow.


02. Pick a lightweight concealer

02.	Pick a lightweight concealer

Your under-eye area is the first to show signs of ageing. Think fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. A concealer does a great job of covering those under-eye wrinkles. Make sure you use a lightweight formula that doesn’t look heavy and settle in the fine lines, making them more prominent. To use: Moisturise and prime the under-eye area, apply a lightweight concealer and blend it with your fingers. Set it all in with a buff of loose powder.


03. Invest in moisturising makeup products

03.	Invest in moisturising makeup products

Be it a hydrating lipstick, a foundation with nourishing oils or a primer that promises hour-long hydration, pick it and add it to your arsenal. You’d notice your skin becomes dry and dull as it ages and thus layering it with moisturising makeup product will give you a better finish and look.