We never thought that someday we’d actually hit the streets flaunting blinding neon colours on our lids and lips until this season. But yeah! Neon makeup trend is having a moment right now and even makeup minimalists are breaking out of their beauty shells and trying their hands at it.

Be it bright orange or eye-catching green, there’s no denying the fact that these super bright hues are hard to miss (quite literally). Well, if you thought neon is striking and too OTT for you, we’ve come bearing good news. Here is how you can wear the brightest of beauty trends—neon makeup without looking like an LCD sign.

how to rock the neon makeup trend

Pick the colour wisely

You can work with two or more colours to give your makeup look an electric pop. However, striking a balance between the ultra-bright colours is rule number one to nail the neon trend like a pro.

Pair the neon colour with their muted counterparts. While wearing neon eyeshadow, pair pastel shades to balance the colours out. If you are going for the bold neon ombre lip, blend your neon lip colour with an understated and toned down shade from the same colour family. This will bring out the neon and turn out stunning (trust us).

how to rock the neon makeup trend

Skip the shimmer and shine

Neon colours look best matte. Don’t overdo it with shimmer, glitter, gloss or any other reflective and eye-grabbing finish or your makeup may end up looking a bit too much. Wear a beautiful matte neon liner or lipstick to nail the neon trend.    

how to rock the neon makeup trend

Keep the rest of the makeup neutral

Going for neon eye makeup? By all means, do so! But remember to keep your lip colour nude and minimal so your eyes can be the focus of your look. Similarly, if you are sporting electric orange or fuchsia lips, let your pout do all the talking.

Image courtesy: Instagram