Our beauty drawers are stacked with products, bathroom shelf overflowing with bottles, tubes and jars and don’t even get us started on our vanity kit. If you’re a skincare buff too, we’re pretty sure you’re going through the same dilemma. It’s become a sort of ritual to buy every new product, try every new routine so much so that we can end up doing so mindlessly. 

But there’s a very thin line between using and overusing, and, to every beauty buff’s surprise, not every product is meant to be used every single day (gasp!). While products like sunscreen and moisturisers should be used on a daily basis, there some beauty products that are better left for limited use.

Take a look at five such beauty products you shouldn’t be using every day and why. 


01. Hair cleanser

01.	Hair cleanser

No matter how oily your hair is, washing your hair daily isn’t recommended. Shampoo cleanses your and zaps excess oil from your scalp which can leave it dry, itchy and flaky. It also causes your scalp to produce more sebum in order to compensate for the lost moisture and can make oily scalp oilier. Thus, you should limit washing your hair to two or three times a week tops.


02. Mascara

02.	Mascara

Double coating your lashes with mascara can add an oomph factor instantly and take your glam quotient higher. However, using mascara daily, especially the waterproof formulas can weaken and damage your lashes, making them prone to tear and breakage. Instead, use it every alternate day and use a primer before applying it to minimise the damage.


03. Scrub

03.	Scrub

Exfoliation is an essential step in your skincare routine; there’s no denying that. But over-exfoliating does no good for your skin. In fact, it can leave it dry, flaky and chapped. You should use a scrub suitable for your skin type. Exfoliate once a week if you have sensitive, twice if you have dry skin and thrice if you have oily skin. But using it every day is a no-no.


04. Dry shampoo

04. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is the ultimate fix for greasy hair and saves us the drama and embarrassment on those bad hair days. But we hope you are not sprinkling your dry shampoo every day. Are you? Dry shampoo makes your hair less oily and brittle as it absorbs the natural oil from the scalp. Using it daily can damage your hair, so restrict it for days when it’s reallly necessary.