4 Ways To Get Plumper And Fuller Lips Naturally

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
4 ways to get plumper and fuller lips naturally

We all want fuller and plumper lips that would enhance our pout. But are cosmetic procedures and fillers the only way to get it? We don’t think so, there are a few other ways to achieve it.

Before these cosmetic procedures came into existence, beauty enthusiasts and actresses used several other tricks to enhance the beauty of their lips. These alternatives are natural, safe and effective, and will give you fuller lips without breaking the bank.


Peppermint oil


Invest in a small bottle of peppermint essential oil, it will help you in more ways than one. Other than having a soothing effect on your skin, this oil gives you a fuller pout and enhances the colour of your lips, making them look more attractive.




Cinnamon offers the same result as peppermint oil, it mildly irritates the skin making it look plumper. Mix a little cinnamon powder with olive oil and apply all over your lips, wait for a few minutes and wash off. It will leave your lips feeling soft, tender and make them appear fuller.




Rubbing ice on your lips before applying lip products will temporarily compress the blood vessels and make the lips appear red and plump. Rub an ice cube on your lips for about two minutes to get instant results.




One of the best natural exfoliators for your skin and lips is sugar. Rubbing a mixture of sugar and coconut oil will increase blood circulation in your lips and make it smooth and plump instantly.

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