Sharing Is Not Caring: 5 Beauty Products You Should Never Share With Your Bff

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Sharing is not caring: 5 beauty products you should never share with your BFF

Last minute, borrowed touch ups of lipsticks and mascaras have been a blessing for us all but you ladies need to reconsider your makeup sharing habits! The risks that come along with makeup sharing are far too many and therefore we believe that beauty sharing is NOT caring at all! It is time to tell your BFF to carry her own makeup or buy everything in pairs because here’s a list of beauty products you can’t share with her (or him) if you love your skin that is...


Makeup brushes

Hair brush

All sorts of makeup applicators and tools are not meant for sharing. Sharing makeup applicators is a big no-no including your eyelash curler! Bacteria thrive on makeup brushes, sponges and wands so it is best to use your own and not share it with anyone to avoid infections.


Lipstick or lip balm

Hair brush

Lipstick and lip balms are the most commonly shared beauty product and they seem completely harmless. However, here’s what you didn’t know— when you pass your lipstick or borrow one from someone, a lot of bacteria gets transferred which can lead to fever, cold sores and other infections.



Hair brush

Mascara wands can be a breeding ground for bacteria and applying a few strokes of harmless mascara can up your eye game in seconds but can also lead to eye infections such as conjunctivitis if you share it with people. Since your eyes don’t have protective layers like your skin does, they are far more susceptible to contracting infections.


Moisturiser jars

Hair brush

You may want to show off the new moisturiser you picked on your recent international trip to your girl gang, however if it comes in a jar or tub avoid sharing at all costs. Allowing your friends to dip their bacteria laden fingers into that jar isn’t going to give you great skin. It will only make you wonder where you went wrong in your skincare routine.


Hair brush

Hair brush

Using someone else’s brush to remove knots and tangles from your hair is a quick fix solution but it also puts you at risk of catching scalp infections and dandruff. Always carry your own hairbrush in the bag to avoid this.

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