5 Eyelash Curler Mistakes To Stop Making Rn

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 eyelash curler mistakes to stop making RN

Eyelash curler can truly change your makeup game by curling, beautifying and popping your lashes in just a squeeze. Who knew a makeup tool that looks like something you would never take close to your eyes, could change your life in such a dramatic way? Obviously, it just looks scary and somewhat complicated, but using it is no rocket science. However, there’s a good chance you have been using it wrong.

You might be making common mistakes while using your eyelash curler that is probably damaging your lashes and causing them to break, fall or simply not hold the curl. Here are five common eyelash curler mistakes you could be making and how to fix them, so you never go wrong with your eyelash curler again.


Not curling your lashes first

Not cleaning your curler

No, you should not use your eyelash curler after applying mascara as your lashes become stiff and the pressure can break them. Rather, make it the very first step of your makeup routine. You don’t want to mess up your winged liner or under-eye concealer, do you? Curl your lashes before doing your eye makeup to avoid getting unnecessary gunk and makeup residue on it.


Not pumping it correctly

Not cleaning your curler

You should pump the eyelash curler about five to eight times and hold for a couple of seconds to get a long-lasting curl. Start pumping at the base of the lashes moving it along the tips to give them a final curl. Using the proper technique will make sure you have a gentle curve and enviable lashes.


Using it with too much force

Not cleaning your curler

Clamping the lashes too hard won’t give you the desired or long-lasting curl but will only damage the health of your lashes. Pressing down vigorously can cause your lashes to fall out and also give you a straight, unrealistic bend rather than a natural-looking curl. Squeezing the curler gently a couple of times is enough to get the job done.


Not heating your eyelash curler

Not cleaning your curler

This is a genius hack that holds the curl even on straight and droopy lashes. Just like you use heat tools to curl your poker-straight hair, heat your curling tool the same way to lock the curl in your lashes. Hold your hair dryer about 10 inches away and heat it for a quick couple of seconds. Make sure it isn’t too hot in order to avoid burning your lashes and then curl them.


Not cleaning your curler

Not cleaning your curler

Just like your makeup brushes and other beauty tools, your eyelash curler needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis too. Why, you ask? The product residue, bacteria and dirt accumulate on the pad insert which can cause styes aka eyelid pimples. Wipe the grime off eyelash curler with rubbing alcohol or micellar water and cotton every week.

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